The Yoke is Broken
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The Yoke Has Been Broken

The Yoke Has Been Broken

by Nadine Stohler

Coming Under the Law

As you can see from the title of this message, the yoke has been broken. I was so excited when I got this message from the Lord, and I felt things stirring up from deep within. 

Just recently He led me to read the whole of  Acts 15. I am not going to share the whole passage, but I am going to explain it to you so that you get what the whole story is about.

There was a man who came down from Judea. He went to some of the churches, to some of the brothers who had already given their lives to the Lord, and he tried to bring them back under the law again. He said,

“It’s not good enough to just believe. You guys have to get circumcised now.”

He said this to people who were Gentiles and who had already been converted, and he felt it was not good enough or acceptable. He said to them,

“You need to be circumcised. It’s the law of Moses and what he said, so you guys have to get under that.”

When Paul and Barnabus heard about this, they had quite a dispute with the guy. They went to go and try and fix it. They went to see what was going on and what this guy was causing in the church.

Then because they couldn’t make the decision themselves, they said,

“This is too big a problem here.” 

Then they went to Jerusalem to the other apostles and elders, so that they could now discuss what that man was trying to bring into the church with the other 12 apostles and elders. They could then see what the church as a whole was saying about this issue of being circumcised.

Opposition from Satan

It was not at all what God wanted. In fact just before that God had finally opened the door to the Gentiles. 

Maybe you are sitting here today and God has given you a revelation. Or perhaps right now He is doing something new in your life. You have stepped out according to what He said and now people are opposing it. Or Satan is trying to sneak in and say,

“It’s not possible that God said that to you and that it is okay to be free.”

He is trying to sneak in with some kind of way to get you back under the bondage that you just came out of.

This is the whole topic of my message. I want you to realize that the yoke has been broken. What God has done in your life is over; it’s done. You are free and you don’t have to go back under the bondage.

Satan will always try and oppose, not just what God has given to you personally, but also the moves that He is doing right now in the church. There is a move going on in the church. God is moving in the church and we can all be a part of it. 

You might look at it and decide,

“This looks different. We want to be part of it.”

Well then you can be sure that Satan will be there to somehow oppose it within you. Or he will try to oppose the whole move, because he does not want that to happen. He knows about the move, and he is afraid of what is about to happen.

Personal Opposition

I want to look some more now at this opposition in your personal life. Satan will always try to somehow find some willing vessel to do this. He will either do it so that the person can influence you for bad, or so that they can stop you from moving fully into what the Lord has for you.

We all know that he has his ways of doing this. He has ways of getting to us. His plan is to destroy what God has given you, to bring you back under bondage, and to make you doubt what Jesus has done in you and promised to you in the first place.

So did God say to you,

“I am opening a new door and I will use you mightily.”

Yes He may well have said that. But now Satan comes in and says,

“Don’t you think that if you want to move in the power you have to first deal with your sin?”

That was always the one thing Satan threw at me. And you know for the longest time I fought it. Someone would say to me,

“But it is by the grace of God.” 

I would say, “But why then am I not seeing the results that I want if it’s only by God’s grace?”

I had the faith and I believed, but then there came the nagging voice that said,

“It has something to do with your sin. You first have to deal with your sin and then you can move into the new thing.”

It really blocked me. And not just that, but I started to block other people because of it. I started to put it on others and thought to myself,

“This person can’t rise up yet. It’s obvious. Just look at them, they still have this thing and that in their lives.”

I didn’t realize that. I thought I was doing God a favor by looking at my sin and trying to deal with it. Also by trying to help others to obviously see their sin.

Can you see how subtle it is? You don’t even realize that not just others are a negative vessel to you, but suddenly you become a negative vessel yourself, because of a little lie that you let in and believed. It is a small little law that you now think you have to agree with and go under.

We all know this, but let me remind you of the fact that Satan comes in sneakily. He is not stupid and that is why we believe the lies. That’s why we go and get under attack. 

It is why we start doubting what God said, and why we are not seeing the full thing yet in the church. We are not seeing the power and everything in our own lives, because we still believed the wrong thing somewhere along the line. 

If he didn’t lie to us we would see it. So it means that he somehow got in. I’m not saying that you opened a door to him. But somehow he got in either through someone else that you believed, or through a little thought or something that is holding you back. 

A Completed Work

The yoke has been broken though. That is what Jesus said. It is that simple and I feel a strong anointing on it. 

We need to get back to the simplicity of the Gospel. We need to get back to just being like children who believe what Jesus said. If He said that the yoke is broken, it is broken. 

It means that we don’t have to do something for it. It means it is done, is finished and is over. There is nothing that you can add from your side. And there is nobody that should stand against what He has done.

So don’t let Satan push you back into the bondage, because the bondage is only there to bring out the strife from deep within. That is what the bondage really is.

Looking at Motives

We are not looking at obvious bondage to sin. We are looking at the inner motives; the ones that bring you into striving from your flesh. We are looking at the ones that others, especially the Catholics praise and say,

“Wow you are doing so awesome because you are a good Christian! You are a good person.”

I am looking at those types of bondages, like the ones that stir up your fleshly works so that you say,

“Hey, I can do something for God. I can do it within myself. I can help Him and add something to it.”

For me it was exciting when I saw this this morning, because I realized,

“Even though that man tried so hard to bring the church back under the law, when Paul and Barnabus eventually went to Jerusalem, all of them had a huge argument. Eventually in the end God won though.”

He got His message through and made it clear,

“My salvation is not just for the Jews. It is for the Gentiles as much as it is for the Jews.”

I will show you later on what God is really looking for within us. But salvation is for everybody. There is no difference; no higher or lower. We are all the same before Him, and for all of us the yoke has been broken. We don’t need to add anything to it. We just have to accept it and believe it.

How Satan Works

How does Satan come in? 

Planting Doubts

We know how he does it, but for those people who are reading this and who don’t know how it happens, Satan plants thoughts into our minds. It is the first, most obvious way that Satan comes and works. He tries to do that, but if he can’t succeed in doing it, then he puts in some false doubts. 

When that happens you start to wonder,

“Did Jesus really say that? Did He really mean it like that when He said, It is finished; it’s over? Did He really mean that it was finished and over? Can that really be the truth?”

Jesus said other things to us; things like we would do greater things than He did. He said that we will see the signs and wonders, but you start to think,

“Did Jesus really say that? Did He mean it? Does He mean it now for us?”

The doubts start to come, because you don’t see the results that you are looking for. You can’t fully see yet what God says He will do through you, so you start to doubt. You usually don’t look out there. You usually look within yourself and think,

“What is wrong with me?”

I don’t know if you are like this but I am. I look inside and say,

“What is wrong with me Lord that I can’t see it yet? You say so in your Word. You say that it will happen. You say if I reach out in faith and say to this mountain be removed and cast into the sea it will be cast into the sea. Why is my mountain not moving?” 

Trust me when that mountain has stood in my way I have kicked it, pushed it and tried to shovel it but it was still there. I tried everything. 

This past weekend it was like we had a huge mountain in the way, and I thought to myself,

“Lord, what is wrong? It’s your work that I am doing here. It’s not my work.”

I was very tempted though to get into my fleshly thing and do something for it, until God said,

“Stop! The yoke has been broken. Do you remember that I said so. It’s not your job to worry and it’s not your load to carry. Don’t go under the bondage. I have finished the work; it is done.”

Yes we see a breakthrough now, but I know that there will be another mountain and another one. In your life you will always get those. 

There is always something in you again that Satan will try to get you under. Or there will be something that comes against you and opposes you, especially if you are really going on with the Lord. Somebody will say something and you will think,

“Oh wow, I never thought of that.”

Then it will start doubts within. You might say on the outside,

“I don’t believe that.”

Then you go away, but you are all by yourself before you go to bed. Then the doubts come back up and you think,

“You know what if that person is true? What if what they say is real?”

The thoughts start nagging you. 

Bringing in Legalism

If Satan can’t do those things so easily to you, then as I said earlier, he brings somebody else in just as he used that man. He wanted to destroy the church in that way by bringing it back under the law again. 

If they had accepted this there would be no chance for us. I mean we would all have to get circumcised. Thank the Lord He did not allow that! It would have been horrible, because if they had accepted one part of the law, they probably would have looked at another one and said,

“I think that one and that one is also good. I think we should bring them in as well.”

Suddenly we would have the whole law back again in the church. Where is the hope? If that happened then Jesus died for nothing. 

You see that in the church today. That is the horrible part. You see leaders getting back into the church who are trying to bring in laws and weird religious ideas. They say,

“We have to do this and we have to do that.”

They try to bring everybody under it again.

My Personal Conflict

Before I came here I was under such a bondage with the Jewish thing. I almost felt that every time I saw a Jew I had to worship him or something. I felt that Jews were above me and I even went to Israel. I felt lower than them in some ways because I felt,

“Who am I? I’m just one of the Gentiles. I wasn’t even born as a Christian or grew up as a Christian, so I am even lower than them.”

That is how it made me feel. It was horrible. It was a bondage until I could break free and realize,

“No, we are all the same before the Lord. The yoke has been broken for the Jews and the law has been broken for us.”

Helping God Along

The yoke is gone for all of us. What I find the worst, is that those people who come and tell you these things think that they are doing it for the Lord. That is how deceived they are. Even now, when you see the weird movements going on, they really think they are doing the Lord a favor.

They are bringing Him back in fullness, so that everyone in the church can grow and come together again. Even in your own life, those people will tell you these things, because you are busy reaching out to the Lord and saying,

“Lord I really want more of you. Lord I want to move on. I want to see more of your power and to flow in all those things.”

Then this person comes and offers something to do and they think they are doing God a favor.

That guy in the church was not someone who just wanted to destroy the church. He really believed he was doing it unto the Lord. So when you see these people coming, don’t think,

“I don’t trust you. I don’t believe you. I can see you from far away.”

No you won’t. Sometimes you will only feel it once they start to bring you in and you will start to feel heavy in your spirit. You will feel oppressed and think,

“Something is wrong. I feel like someone is turning off my air. I can’t breathe anymore.”

Then you will maybe start to realize,

“Wait, this person is just talking nonsense.”

But they will still be really convinced that this is of God. You might then tell them,

“I don’t believe you. I think you are missing it.”

But that is when they will really rise up, because they are speaking on behalf of the Lord.

Can you see that it is so deceptive? And behind it Satan is having a good laugh and thinking,

“This is wonderful! I got another person out of the way who will not go on anymore.” 

This is because that person will now struggle for quite a while, until they realize that the yoke has been broken. 

All About Grace

It took me so long to get out of that rut, and I can’t even tell when that happened. It just happened recently though, and the penny finally dropped with me when I realized,

“It is not about me. It’s not about my sin. I will never lose my sin.”

Sure it doesn’t mean that I just go out there and sin as I want and do what I want. Grace for me is not that. Grace for me means that when I have experienced it I want to give my all for Him. I want to live wholly for Him because of the grace I just experienced. 

So don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you can just do whatever you feel like. I don’t feel we should live that way. 

I am very passionate about getting into a relationship with the Lord and giving your all. By that I mean every single part; every thought and every action you take. I want to see that happening in the church because I feel that not too many people live that way.

But it is not their part that will bring the signs and the wonders in the church to the next level that we are looking for. It’s not that. It’s not what we think. It is what He has done already and that the yoke is broken already.

Again, don’t think that you are far above all of that. The people that I shared my message with are hard ones because they know all the principles and they know what I am talking about. But if you are reading this message you might not know those things. It might be new to you but I hope that I can reach you through this message.

Having the Right Attitude

We are never far above it. If you look again at the apostles who were sitting there in Jerusalem, when Paul and Barnabus came together to discuss the story of the man, they didn’t immediately say,

“Hold it; this is all nonsense. It’s obviously. Can you not see that God did not say those things, so we don’t even have to discuss anything?”

No, they had quite a dispute going on. You will see that in verse 7 it says they had a dispute between the elders and the apostles. That means they didn’t reject it outright as a lie. They looked at it and took it in as a further consideration. They said,

“Should we really take this in? Should we really apply this to the church?”

When I read that it opened my eyes to see that nobody is above. Those 12 apostles were around Jesus for three years. For three full years, day and night they saw Him. They heard Him speak, and yet they stopped when this came and they took it as a consideration even after they had seen Jesus die and say, “It is finished.”

It puzzles you how they could even think of doing it. But the Lord said to me,

“Don’t ever think that you are far above anybody. Don’t ever think you are far above all those things that Satan is trying to do, or all the people that are trying to oppose you.” 

Rather watch out for it. Rather be careful what you do and don’t let in, because even they considered it together. Eventually finally Peter stood up and said,

“It is enough! God said this.”

He spoke for God on God’s behalf, because He was the one who stood with Jesus. Jesus spoke to him about how he was going to be the one who would lead the church and open the door for the Gentiles. He then said what God really was looking for. He said,

“God is looking for the heart. He is looking for faith. There is no above and no below. We are all the same.”

He reminded all the others of the facts and then they realized,

“This is true. It is what God said.”

And so they stood against it and rejected the decision. They did come to a couple of other decisions and said,

“Okay we will put that in. You shouldn’t eat the blood.”

You can go and read them up yourself. They did come to a couple of facts where they said,

“That is what we are going to teach in the church.”

Afterwards it was Paul and Barnabus who went back to that church after the man had done those things, and they put the real pattern of what God really wanted into place.

Getting Back to Simplicity

There are things that God expects from us. There are certain things that you should follow, but it is not the law of Moses. 

You don’t have to be circumcised naturally. If you want to be circumcised, look at your heart. Your heart is what needs it. That is the real place where it needs to be circumcised. Those layers have to be cut off, but you don’t have to do anything on the outside and in the natural. That part you can just let go of.

If there are any other Jewish traditions or anything else that you want to follow, sorry to say but you don’t have to do those things. It is not required. It doesn’t now make you better before the Lord if you do those things. It doesn’t please Him more than anybody else who just comes in for the first time and says,

“Here I am Lord. I accept your free gift. I accept your grace and your salvation.”

You are just on the same level as they are. It doesn’t change.

As I said, the ploy and the purpose of Satan to get you under those things is that you don’t rely anymore solely on what Jesus did for you. 

Again it gets back to simplicity. I feel like I am not just talking to those who were in the meeting but to myself. I am answering questions myself because these notes came together really quickly this morning.

It is simplicity that He is looking for. It’s relying on Him alone and what He said. It is not on relying on our minds, on our strength, on our abilities or our wonderful gifts. 

It is great if you have them, but actually God doesn’t need them to do what He has called you to do and to see the church on the hill like it is set to be. All we need is Jesus back in the church, for Him to take His rightful place, for us to just believe what He can do, and for His power to flow through us. 

The Power of Faith

It is so simple. Don’t get me wrong, I love the principles He gives me. But you know what? What counts is what He can do because of them. That is why He says that His grace and strength is enough. He is not looking for your strengths. He doesn’t care about them. All He wants is your heart and a heart of faith.

That is actually how you purify your heart. You do it through your faith, not through your works or your actions, and not through your anointing or through anything like that. You do it through your faith in the fact that the yoke has been broken by the finished work of Calvary.

It is broken through what Jesus did already, and by believing in what He can do through you.

This morning when I thought about that I thought,

“This is so powerful Lord.”

It’s not about what we can do. It’s not even about whether we can believe in ourselves to do it. Sometimes you might think to yourself,

“If I can just see myself doing those things, I will believe more and I will do them.”

But you don’t have to look at yourself. What you just have to believe is can Jesus do it through you? It’s not about you. Again it is simple. You don’t have to believe in yourself. It is better to get yourself out of the way and simply believe in Jesus in you. 

I hope that you can understand what I am trying to say. For me I think they are such easy truths, but they have so much depths within them. It opens a whole new window for me to look at them, to connect them together and to say,

“My goodness, I never saw it like that. It is so simple. Why have I been looking for years? Why have I been trying to build myself up within myself and believing in myself? Why have I been letting go of all of my weaknesses and my strengths, when all I have to do is to trust in the work that He already did?”

I don’t have to do anything more. He didn’t ask for more than to just believe in Him and what He can do through me. It is so simple isn’t it? 

Dealing With Insecurities

This is such good news. It really sets you free when you see it. And if you have those doubts and you have insecurities, yes God will deal with them. And especially if you go on higher level trainings He has to deal with them. 

But the good news is it doesn’t matter about those things. He is going to use you anyway, because you don’t have to come to the place where you now can believe in yourself. You just have to come to the place where you believe in Him. That is much faster than having to deal with all of that stuff. 

Once you believe in Him, the insecurity will actually go away on its own. The confidence will come because you start believing in Him. You start to believe in who He is in you and who you are in Him. That’s where the confidence comes from and where the strength comes from. 

That is where the real anointing and power comes from, not by trying to get rid of that stuff. It happens just by stepping and believing who you are in Him, who He is to you and what He has done to you. 

Pushing into Works

You know Satan wants to get you to a place where you so struggle to get the victory for yourself. And let me tell you, you will never get there. 

You can try as hard as you want. You can pray as hard as you want. You can speak the Word, pray in tongues and proclaim this and that, but you will never get there out of yourself.

You can so easily get into your works, instead of just believing in what He already did. And then in the end you can’t even take credit for it. If He did His part like He has already done, it now happens in the natural and you see the fulfillment, who did it? 

Was it your prayers? Was it you and your faith that did it? Or was it Jesus who already said He had done it? The yoke has already been broken. We can’t take credit for that. The blessing that we get here is a result of what He already did. It is a result of the yoke being broken.

Out of that we just carry  the burden that He says. There are so many Scriptures coming at me and I am seeing all of them coming together. That is why Jesus said,

My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

They are light and easy, and you don’t have to struggle for hours and hours, hoping to get the answers. Yes I think it builds up our hope, but from there we have to believe and then we will see things happen. And we will see, not because we just believed, but because He has done it.

It is beautiful isn’t it? I really love this and I see a whole lot more for myself.

As I shared earlier, Satan wants you to struggle to get the victory. You never get to attain in your own flesh what Jesus wants to give you. Satan wants you to get out of the grace so that you get into your own fleshly works. That is like the opposite of grace. 

If you depend on grace, if you really fully trust what God and Jesus has done for you already, it means that you can’t add anything to it. But the opposite of it is when you get into your own flesh, into your own understanding and into your own works.

Staying Under His Protection

Satan is always trying to do this. When he comes with any little doubt or lie or little law he wants to get you under, it is to get you out of the grace; to forget about it and walk in the flesh. And once you are in the flesh it is very hard to walk in the Spirit. 

You can’t be half grace and half in your works. It’s like you are either one or the other. You don’t do half/half. It is not possible. Either you walk in the Spirit or you walk in the flesh. They are opposite to each other.

So when you walk in the Spirit you stay in grace. If grace starts to move away from you take note. Go back and think,

“What thoughts did I let in? Who has talked to me? Who said that I have to change something? Who said it is not enough yet?”

When you find that out then remove that stuff from you. Get back under grace and under that covering that he gave. It is like a covering and an umbrella. Get under it and stay under it. If you stay under it, Satan can throw whatever he wants at you and it will never get to you. 

Keep the picture of the umbrella in your mind and just walk in that way no matter what Satan throws at you. Then from there you can move to people. From there you can react and do the things that He has called you to do.

That is really the truth to hold onto. Jesus already purified your heart. But you are also purified through believing in Him and having faith. That is what Peter said when he stood up there.

We don’t have to do anything else than just believing that salvation comes through Jesus and that is it. If we believe in His name we are saved. If we do those things that He says, we will see the signs and wonders. If we believe in Him and we just do it, it will happen.

Knowing the Truth

I believe that we are on the brink of really seeing something different happening here, because He is leading us all back to Him; back to His truth and back to what He already did for us.

It really gets back to faith alone and nothing else. If you believe (fill in the blank) … it will happen. Not if you believe and … No it will happen if you believe. That is it. Again it is very simple and He doesn’t expect anything more added to it.

That is how simple He is. And when you read the Word like that, you begin to see how it actually jumps out at you. You start to think, 

“When He says that in the Word, I can believe it.”

If the Word says so it is the truth. You don’t have to question it. You can just take it as it is. And if He says we will do those signs and wonders, you can take it as it is, and you can believe and expect that they will come.

You can expect that you will see them because He said so. He has already prepared the way and it is already done for you anyway.

Doesn’t it make it exciting to realize,

“There is so much more. I don’t have to work up for it. I don’t have to become a different person for it.”

Remove the Doubts

It happens naturally. If you believe in Him and look to Him, it happens naturally to become a different person. It will happen. You just need to make that the main goal; to believe in Him and to do away with the doubts.

Instead of your weaknesses, just do away with the doubts. That is all that stands in the way of your faith. Once you get rid of the doubts, there will be more faith. That is the result of it and it will happen instantly.

I think now of how Peter was in the boat and he just wanted to walk out on the water to Jesus. He stepped out and he did actually walk on the water, at least for a short while, until he looked at the waves. Afterwards Jesus just said to him,

“Oh you of little faith.”

He failed because of just a moment of doubt. It wasn’t that he didn’t have faith. He did walk on the water. He believed he could do those things, but it was a moment of doubt that made him drown. If he had not doubted he would have walked all the way. 

Can you see that we can feel overwhelmed and can have doubts? We can have just a quick moment of doubt and think,

“Did Jesus really say that I can do this?”

That was enough for Peter’s faith to go down. So work on the doubts. Get rid of them and faith will naturally be there, because He has already put it in you. He is living within you and has more faith to give to you. He will give you more as you get rid of the doubts.

The Sin Issue

God looks at your heart. I like the way Peter stood up and said to the others,

“It’s really not the works that matter. God is looking at your heart only.”

That is what He is interested in more than anything else. He doesn’t care for works. He’s not even interested in any of your flesh and your sin.

You know if it is time to deal with your sin God will tell you. The more you hear Him the more He will tell you. It won’t be a big deal though. It’s not like you have to go and deal with your sin because then it is you dealing with it.

How fleshly is that? It is your works, and now you can take credit for it and say,

“I dealt with my sin. I’m so good. I’m a better Christian than you guys because I am dealing with my sin.”

That is what it does to you. Can you see that again it puts you on the wrong track? However, when God does it you get a true conviction and you can never take the credit for that. You think,

“It’s by grace alone that He showed me the sin that stood in my way. It wasn’t because I was so good. It was His grace that showed me these things.”

Before Him we are all the same. There is no better and no worse. That applies to any heritage, to any race or any nationality. Jews are not better than us. Sorry, if you are a Jew that is my belief. Jews are not better. We are all the same before Him.  

We are all going to heaven because we believe in Jesus. We all get into the Body because we believe in the finished work of Calvary. That is all that is required of us.

And you will never be able to bear the wrong yoke. If someone puts a wrong yoke on you, or you put it on yourself, you will never succeed in carrying it. They couldn’t even do it back there. It says in verse 10 of that chapter that I shared about,

Now therefore why tempt you God to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear?

They knew they couldn’t bear it. So don’t think that you are now great and you can carry it. You can’t do it. You are not meant to bear anything like that, because the yoke has already been broken. 

The title of this message is coming through again and again. It has been broken. It’s done, taken care of and finished on the work of Calvary.

Be Open to New Things

One last thing I want to share here is before you go and judge all those people who come against you, realize why they are opposing you. I am sharing from my own experience here. 

While I assume that it is others opposing you, look also at yourself. Are you somewhere along the way imposing your ideas on somebody else and thinking,

“This is how it should be done.”

Just keep that in mind. The main thing to consider is the fact that it is unknown to them. They don’t know what God is doing. They just don’t understand it, so they think,

“Whoah, this does not look like God so we must oppose it. Let’s shut it off right now.”

What they don’t realize though is that God is initiating something new like He did there with the Gentiles and it is God’s move that is going on. 

God is now going to bring in new things that some of the churches have not seen yet. It is unknown to them and they don’t realize it is God moving, not just somebody coming in with deception. It is God using somebody else and bringing in His move.

The main thing is they are afraid of what is going on. They don’t realize that it really is God though. That’s why they try to restrict it. 

Here is something now that you need to consider for yourself. If God is doing something and you are moving in the circles that you do, don’t restrict it right away. Do not challenge it right away and think you have to call it out as being from Satan or being heresy. 

Yes if it is obviously against the Word, it is clear that it is not going to be the Lord. But there are new things that God has shown us in the background. Even during prayer times, God reveals a new move to us. 

These will be things that make people think,

“Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t know if this really can be God.”

God will do things we can’t understand with our minds and we will begin to think,

“But this person just got saved. This person really just gave their life to the Lord. How can they move in those things?”

Because God is bringing in a new move. Don’t oppose it. Don’t challenge it or restrict it. Rather say,

“Where can I personally be wrong?”

Be open to embrace what God wants to do, because He wants to do new things in the end times.


In conclusion, don’t allow anyone or anything to bring you back under the law. This includes anyone from your past or anything else that you somehow picked up along the way. 

I am not just talking about the law. I am talking about any other bondage within yourself. I think the law is a picture of the whole bondage anyway of whatever it is for you in your life.

Getting the Victory

Don’t let it happen again. Trust that the grace of God is enough. Trust that it is sufficient and stand on that truth. Open the umbrella and walk under it. I think that is a good picture. Just keep walking with that umbrella and stay under it.

Then when Satan attacks you with his thoughts or his doubts stand against him. If he comes with his thoughts it is really easy to deal with. Stand against it immediately. Don’t let them go in and think,

“Hopefully they will go away.”

No, you take authority over it and speak out loud against the thoughts. 

If there are doubts, it usually comes from within, from something that someone else has already placed within you. In that case, it is good to not just handle this by yourself because it is really hard to fight that on your own.  

I suggest you go to somebody who really knows God and really knows the Word and tell them about what your doubt is so that they can help you. If you have doubts you need somebody from the outside to help you as I needed, because it will come up whether you push it down or not.

It will surface again in the most stupid situation when you definitely don’t want it to happen. Then it will destroy you, because at that moment you think you are just about to step out for the Lord then this thing comes up again. Then you start to think,

“Did He really say so?”

When that happens it is already too late, because now it also blocks your faith.

I want to deal now with the other blockages, and this is really where I feel God has spoken to us. You may find that you are sometimes the sort of person who is too quick to say,

“Is this really God?”

If so just allow God to show you. He will show you. And especially before you tell somebody else that something is not from God and you dash out their fire, just make sure you really did hear from God

Because you see if you dash that fire out, you might destroy the person in the process. And what God has just given to them, He has to now go and find somebody else again who can lift them up to what He just said. 

So make sure that you just don’t come and take the fire off them and try to put them under the bondage again. Don’t put on the veil that Jesus has actually taken away from our hearts. When He said, “It is finished,” the veil broke into two pieces and it was gone.

It broke not just there in the Temple, but it broke from our hearts, from our eyes and everything. Don’t go and put veils on somebody’s eyes again. Jesus removed the veil for a purpose, so that we can see the truth and so that we can see that the yoke has really been broken.

It has been broken for you. It has been broken for me and for everybody else out there if they accept it. So enjoy the freedom that God has given to you.

Take this message out there to others. Tell them about it. Tell people that it is finished and that it is done, because this world out there needs to hear this news. It needs to know this. There is plenty of bondage out there and they don’t need to hear more from you.

My Prayer

Lord I just thank you for your Word. It came differently from what I expected, but I felt you in it Lord and I felt your heart in it.

I just pray Lord for those people who have been having such opposition from people to what they have been doing; people trying to bring them back under some kind of law and under some kind of bondage. They have gotten discouraged. I can feel their discouragement and their hopelessness.

Lord I just speak to them right now in the Spirit in Jesus’ name. I speak a new hope and I release it right now in the name of Jesus. I thank you Lord that you will reveal yourself afresh to them and show them that the yoke has been broken. Let them know know that what they have been doing for you was of you and that you will lead them all the way.

I thank you also for the simplicity you give them back right now and the faith that will fill their hearts. In Jesus’ name I thank you for it Lord. And I ask Lord that you come into our midst again with that simplicity upon us and  with new faith.

I ask you to wash away all the doubts in our hearts Lord; those that are really hindering us. And where we have not believed the truth, I ask you Lord that you forgive us. I ask you that you replace it right now in Jesus’ name.

Come Holy Spirit with your fire and just remove all of it so that we truly can walk into this world as you; so we truly can go forward in your name Lord and do those signs and wonders and do the task that you have called us to, that we can set the church on the hill like you have asked us to do.

I ask that you come upon each one with a fresh anointing right now in Jesus’ name. As you said in the prophetic word to us, please take away the old. Please take away the veils that are still in front of our eyes and the things that we have allowed to get there again.

I’m asking you to just remove it from us, and that you come with a fresh anointing of power and love upon us now. Amen. 


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