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Do you desire to take your calling to the next level?

“I know that I’m called, but I just don’t know how to reach that next level. What am I supposed to be doing? What is my calling all about?”

If this statement applies to you, don’t sweat. I am definitely able to give you a couple of answers.

My passion is to take you, shape you and help you move forward. My desire is to train you and equip you for what God has called you to be. My calling includes to prepare His leaders for the place He has called them to, in the Body of Christ. And to lend them a helping hand in getting them ready for the task at hand. This means, helping them understand their purpose, their preparation, and their training process. 

However, knowledge isn’t enough when it comes to God’s Kingdom. The anointing is what sets one apart! Empty principles and just head-knowledge are useless. They don’t bring the change or transformation that is needed in the Church, in this time and age. But add the anointing of the Holy Spirit to it, and you will see these principles produce fruit.

Each principle, each teaching has been tried in the fire and tested under pressure. And therefore, what you get here will be infused with power. Life changing, raw power that takes you to a different level and imparts something much deeper than just knowledge.

When you experience it, live it and apply it – IT BECOMES YOURS! And no one can ever take that from you.

It becomes who you are; not just what you do or know.

I will not just hand you the weapons that are needed. But with God’s help, I will mold you into one of His mighty warriors and the leader you are called to be. One that will stand in boldness and display leadership with confidence, combined with true humility.

Here you will find courses/resources and training materials, that will equip you to rise up in your fivefold ministry or fivefold business calling.

Please check back later – this part is still under construction! Thanks


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