Stirrer or Solution Bringer - Which One Are You?
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Stirrer or Solution Bringer – Which One Are You?

Dear fellow #Leaders and #Ministers in the Body of Christ,

Now is not the time to defend, explain or justify yourself for what your ministry/church does or doesn’t do. You show immaturity with that kind of action and response to the current circumstances.

This is rather a season of change and evaluating yourself and your ministry, to see if it’s in line with where God truly wants to take His Body. It’s a season to weigh in and recognize what He wants to accomplish with the storm that has come against the Church.

Please note: He is NOT the bringer of the storm. But He will most definitely use it to bring good out of it!

Stop the Judgement on Others

It’s easy to point fingers at others and highlight what they are doing wrong. But can you see what needs to be changed in your own approach of having Church and in your way of thinking about being the Body of Christ, at this time of crisis?

You’ll see many judge the big mega Churches out there right now to try and make their own ministry look acceptable and legitimate to others. Yes, God is using this current storm to bring a shift and change to:

1. How we do Church

2. What Church is

3. How we are meant to conduct meetings as a Church

It was long overdue, and He has spoken forth and released this change for many years through some of His Prophets.

Two Kinds of Settings – Different Purposes of Church Meetings

But may I remind you that even in the times of Acts they did meet in the temple and came together to praise God and listen to the teachings of the Apostles. The pattern back there was balanced; something that the Church of today unfortunately has lost along the way.

The early Church and believers from that time, came together in both; the homes AND in the temple!

These days if you are talking about a Church, you look for a huge building with thousands of members. The idea or image circulated: the bigger the numbers- the greater the influence or success of that Church. Nobody looks for maturity anymore. The spiritual progress of every single member is pushed into the background. It is more about the leaders of these huge ministries, than about each person finding their purpose and calling. The structure, undeniably, is built on the wrong and flaky foundation.

Yes, there is a time and place for bigger meetings, where people come together for corporate worship, for receiving input and being equipped through the Word of God. But you cannot build on those alone. Intimacy and close fellowship with each other is not being built in those large settings. They serve a different purpose.

Spiritual Maturity – The Building Up of the True Church

Strong unity and singleness of heart are established in smaller meetings. A meeting where believers open their hearts to each other. Where they let down their walls, performances and masks they often feel the need to put on when walking into a bigger Church setting.

Also, the body ministries that Apostle Paul mentions in Romans 12, are often not utilized nor reach their full potential in bigger meetings.

The Status Quo system doesn’t encourage everyone to stand up, participate and bring in their little piece that God has given to them. It’s usually a one-man show with a couple of assistant leaders set in place, that are allowed to operate in and demonstrate their ministry functions.

But the Lord hasn’t just anointed some and made others to sit quietly and be spectators in the Church only!

No, Apostle Paul gives a very clear and practical guide as to how our meetings should be conducted, with the goal of strengthening and building up the Church (the people of God). He says that every one of us has a song, a teaching, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation (1. Corinthians 14:26).

Meeting in the Homes – The Home Church

This pattern can be easily applied when we meet with others in our homes. It’s perfect for when we come together in small groups of 10 to 12 people.

That’s where believers can step out to serve and minister to each other. They pray with each other and develop their ministry functions. Each one can find their place and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The building up of the body will take place. The uniting of hearts will take place. Strong bonds and an unshakable foundation will be established. Growing faith, expanding hope and unmovable love will find root in each heart.

It will lead to real maturity in believers. And everlasting change will bring forth beautiful transformations.

Lasting spiritual growth is going to take place in a person. And people will meet the Lord more intimately than in any other huge setting.

Imagine if all the Churches out there would meet like this on a daily basis… the spreading of the Word, the anointing and the power would be unstoppable! It would quickly reach into the communities with a Church like this on every single street corner.

Become Part of the Solution

So in the weeks that lie ahead of us, be ready for the shifting that is happening all around the world. Be willing to play a vital part in helping others navigate through this storm. Those that don’t quite know how to move over or forward to that structure and pattern that the Lord has for His End Times Church.

But please, don’t make this about you and your ministry. Stop tearing down others and setting yourself as a standard. Quit justifying yourself, making excuses or being spiteful towards others in the Body of Christ. You are fighting the wrong enemy and showing serious signs of immaturity. You are not a solution bringer, just a stirrer at the wrong time. It might be a prophetic characteristic, but nevertheless it shows something in you isn’t quite as refined and matured as it should be.

This kind of action won’t lead to much, never mind to any everlasting reward. All you will attract with such behavior is people that have become disgruntled and bitter with the Status Quo system. If they are not doing anything else and not building any fellowship at all, they are no better than the mega churches that have had to close their doors now because of overpopulation in their meetings.

No, a real leader takes the pieces, re-evaluates them, re-focuses them and builds something new out of them instead.

Arising of Powerful Fleets

Many smaller ministries will arise from this turmoil, and the Gospel will be spread stronger and wider than ever. The Bride of Christ will arise in a new light and take her place as the city on the hill that she is called to be! To be a city you have to put different houses together. One huge building never makes up a city. 

The Kingdom of God will reach further and lives will truly be transformed by the Power and Glory of God that’s going to be released through this transformation.

You can either fight this or you can embrace what God wants to do. You can either be an advocate of it and bring something real towards it, or just stand on the outside and keep pointing fingers.

If God has prepared you in secret and in the wilderness for this next move of His, it is time to shake off the dust and realign yourself with the fulness of His vision. Wait for Him to move you into place and give you insight into His war strategy, but then run with all that you have to give.

It’s now time more than ever to seek the face of God and listen and adhere to what He instructs you to do, Apostles and Leaders of God!

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  • Mark Stalnaker

    I don’t know when you wrote this but now is exactly the time for this to be restored. This is an excellent article and the pattern we need for the rising of the Church out of the ashes of this time of turmoil and destruction.

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