Keys to Your God Given Destiny
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3 Keys to Reach God’s Given Destiny

3 Keys to Reach God’s Given Destiny 

How to fulfill your calling and rise up into all the Lord has for You

While this teaching may address and appeal especially to the younger generation, the principles taught here apply to young and old.

Having an Effect on People

If you look around in your life right now, are people getting convicted? Are people getting healed? Are they set free and changed in your presence? See, I am not asking if this is happening in the presence of Jesus, but in YOUR presence, are they getting healed, convicted, set free and changed?

If not, why not? Because you see it happened to Jesus all the time. When He walked this earth things happened. He healed people. They got convicted and repented of their sin. People were changed immediately. And at times He didn’t even have to do anything but just stand there, in His presence.

Remember the woman with the issue of blood and it just stopped? He knew she was there, but He didn’t have to say anything. She was healed before He did something, simply because of her faith.

Are you having that kind of effect on people around you? Are you having that kind of effect when you just stand there waiting for the bus, or waiting at school until it is time to go inside?

You may wait for God to use you, but He has already given you everything that you can use. You have it within you already. You have the same Spirit within you that Christ had. He is living within you, which means you can have the same experiences that He had.

A Desire for the Lord

What are you asking of God? What do you want to accomplish for Him in this earth? I am sure everyone has a desire. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this message.

You have some kind of desire inside of you. And whether it is a small or a big flame it doesn’t matter. It is burning in there.

Maybe you don’t know what it really is. But it is there, because He has put it deep within you and He has given you a part of His Spirit to do something great in this earth.

You have not just given your life to Him so that you can be free; so that you can have a good time here and you can do something. It’s all about you.

God’s Plan for You

It is not just about you or about us. He has a bigger plan for your life, and He has set that plan before you were born. The moment you were conceived, He knew,

“I am going to do this with this person. I am going to fulfill that plan with that person.”

Maybe you grew up in Christ. If so that is wonderful for you. I didn’t grow up in the Lord, but you know He still had a plan for me already back there. He has set a plan for each one of you and has set it in motion the moment you took that first step for Him.

When you gave your life to the Lord you said,

“Lord, I give my life to you. I repent of my sin and I want to live it for you.”

The moment you did that He said,

“She’s ready!”

“He’s ready now. Angels, move and bring that plan now to pass. Prepare the way because he has given the go ahead.”

I want you to see that in the Spirit. The angels have moved on your behalf already. And right now, wherever you stand today, the angels are still moving. They have prepared the way ahead of you.

Tough Preparation

Maybe you will say to me,

“The preparation wasn’t great. My life has been tough. You can’t believe what I have experienced up until now.”

I agree that it has not been easy. When you follow Christ it is not easy. It is not a nice walk, where everything just falls into your lap and it just all goes smoothly.

Carrying your cross is hard work at times. But with it comes so many privileges – to meet God and to know Him, to hear the sound of His voice and to experience His love for yourself and then for others.

Pour Out to Others

Being in ministry, this is one of the biggest things for me. This is not for myself but to see it for others; to experience the heartbeat that He has for them. And then when you pour it out to them, to see them rising up and moving into that destiny that He has for them.

There is nothing greater than this, when you pour out again what God has given to you.

Why is it though, that so often we want to do things for the Lord, but it is just not happening? We pray and pray and say,

“Lord, please open the door. Please do something through me. My life is here for you. I want to live it for you.”

Three Keys

There are three simple keys that I want to give to you today. There are only three of them, and if you apply them in your life you will see things happening. That is what God promised me when He gave them to me.

It is so simple, but sometimes we make it so complicated. Let me give you the keys right up front.

  1. The first key is passion. You need to have passion.
  2. The second one is boldness. Sometimes you have to step out boldly and just put it all out there. You must not be afraid of what people say to you or think of you.
  3. The third one is a willingness to say, “I will go Lord.”

You Do it

You need to obey, and when God has given you something, He wants you to follow it through. Sometimes you may say,

“Lord, give me dreams. Give me visions. I also want to flow in all of these gifts.”

He says, “Sure, I will give you all of it.”

Then you receive it and He says,

“I want to do these things through you. I want to send you there. I want to send you over there. I want you to go and set the people free over there.”

What do you do then? You sit and you wait, after He just gave you all those promises. You wait until you feel right, or until you feel that God is now with you. Or you wait for God to do it for you.

At times that is the biggest one. You wait for Him to do it, while He said,

“You go and do it.”

My Experiences

For the longest time in my walk, I waited and waited and I got so frustrated with God. I said to Him,

“It’s not fair Lord! Everybody else is rising up.”

He said to me,

“What are you doing with your life? What exactly are you putting into motion? Are you taking the steps that I said you should take? Or are you looking at them and saying, ‘Oh no, I can’t do this! No Lord, not me. Don’t you know that I am incapable?’ ”

Have you ever been at the place? You say to the Lord,

“I can’t do this Lord. I can’t stand behind the pulpit and speak. I can’t stand in front of people.”

Those were my first responses when He said He wanted to use me like this. It took me a long time to get where I am today. I had to take little steps and walk step by step. I had to be obedient when He said,

“Go and do this my child.”

Key 1 – Passion

I had to be bold. One thing I did have though was passion. I want you to know today that passion is the biggest key in all of these three points. It is the only one you need to work on or have, because the other two are interlinked with passion.

If you are passionate about something, you are going to do it and it will show. Passion cannot be hidden away.

Think about people in your life right now. Think about your friends. What are they passionate about? Maybe they are in sports teams. They are going around shouting and rooting for their sports teams. You know they are passionate about it.

Other people do some other sports and they spend all their time with that. They may be passionate about cars, and every bit of money they have goes into their car and they fix their cars all the time.

You can see passion in somebody. It is there and you will know it. It is the only important key to do something for God, to start that journey of really being used by Him.

Having a Desire

You might say to me,

“But what about desire?”

Desire is interlinked into passion. Sometimes you have desires or passions that are your desires. That doesn’t matter; God can use it. As long as you have a desire and are passionate about something.

Do you want me to show it to you in the Word? Think of Saul. He was so passionate about going and killing all the Christians. They were all afraid of him because he was so passionate about killing them.

What did God do? He zapped him once, He came down with His anointing, and turned that whole passion that he had right around 180 degrees for good. Then Paul became one of the greatest apostles of the New Testament.

Never Reaching Perfection

Think of your worst moments or the worst things you have within you. You can hold them up to God and He can do exactly the same thing with you.

You don’t have to be holy before the Lord before He can use you. You don’t have to come to the place where you are perfect in your walk with Him. If you are waiting for that moment, it is never going to happen.

Let me give it to you right now. It is never going to happen. You are not going to reach that stage, because you will always somehow feel unworthy and fell,

“I don’t have it yet. You know that sin Lord? I still have that problem.”

If you are really honest with yourself you will have those moments with Him where you think,

“I can’t do that because of it.”

A Bigger Vision

You don’t have to be perfect. He is not expecting it of you. God wants to use you today, tomorrow and every day after. He wants to use you for something bigger than what you see right now in front of you.

Maybe you grew up and nobody gave you that chance, or when you shared your dreams with you they said,

“You want to do that? Forget about it. You are too small. No you look beyond your age. You can’t do this, forget it.”

Maybe you don’t have the strength for it, and whatever they said it has somehow affected you deeply. Unfortunately people have that power over us at times. Words have that power over us.

At times you have to let go of whatever they said, get into God’s presence again, pick up those dreams and allow Him to bring them back in a bigger fire. You need to listen to His voice and what He is saying about you; about how He sees you and what He will do through you.

If He said he will do something, He will do it. He means it. It is one thing we can believe Him with. Maybe you can’t trust your earthly father. Maybe you have had bad experiences in other relationships like that, and you feel it is now hard to trust God when He says He will do those things.

Sometimes you have to take the risk of stepping out and finding out if you now heard correctly or not. You have to trust that He will be there to really pick you up and to take you to that level that He said He will.

The Need for Faith

Your faith is all about trust. If you knew it would happen then you wouldn’t have to believe. You wouldn’t have to have faith or have to trust at all.

But you know believing in Him is a miracle in itself. I thought about that the other day. It is a miracle and it is by His grace that we believe in something we actually can’t see.

Thomas was the disciple who didn’t believe the other disciples had seen Jesus, but Jesus later on said to him,

Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed.

It hit me when I read that and I thought,

“We have so much from the Lord. And He will give so much back, because we put our lives into His hands.”

That is why He wants to really use you, because you came to that moment in your life where you said,

“Here I am; it’s yours.”

The moment you made that decision He said,

“I am going to use this person, with all her faults and weaknesses, and with all the abilities that are in there.”

Not Needed by the Lord

So what does the Lord not need? He doesn’t need your talents or your abilities, besides not being holy. There is not much left is there, except to say,

“This is me with nothing. You can have it Lord. I know it’s not much, but here it is. Just take it all and use it for your glory.”

He doesn’t want your abilities. If you have them, yes He can use them. But first you have to sacrifice them up to Him so that it becomes His abilities.

Letting My Abilities Go

I had to do that with my graphics stuff and my arts abilities more than once. As I said I grew up as an unbeliever, and I had certain things that were just clearly not from the Lord. They were influenced by the other side, so when I came to Him I first gave it up to Him.

I thought, “I can now use this again for His glory.”

But He said, “No, first let it all go, put it at my cross and leave it there.”

It was hard, because for me that was all that I was at that time. People didn’t recognize me. I was not liked at school or anything like that. My relationships were really bad and were almost non-existent. So for me the drawing was my escape and the thing where I felt,

“That is me. That is going to be my mark in this world.”

When I had to let it go and die to it, I did not know if the Lord was going to resurrect it or not. It took a long time for Him to bring it back and for me to use it.

And you know now it is not my calling. It is part of what I am doing and part of my ministry. But it is not my calling because He has destined a greater thing for me.

Part of Something Greater

With you too, whatever ability you have already, He will maybe use it as part of it, but His plan was already set before that. He has destined you for something much greater.

Don’t limit yourself to the small things. It’s like holding onto a little basket that you have your talents in. You walk around with it and say,

“You see guys? These are my talents. Aren’t they awesome? I love them.”

They maybe think,

“Oh yes, I like that one. No, I don’t like that one.”

Then Jesus comes and says,

“Why don’t you give me the basket? If you let it go I have a whole container full of talents back here, that I would like to show you and introduce you to. I will give you my whole anointing with it and my Spirit into you so that you can use them.”

You see that is the thing. His gifts can only be used through His anointing. You can’t make them your own and say,

“It belongs to me.”

That is why you have to stay with Him and connected to Him. And that is why again passion is so important.

Wrong Motivations

Maybe along the way your passion is not right. Maybe you have a motivation that is not good and you do it out of anger or bitterness. Or maybe it is to show the world who you are and to say,

“I am also somebody, guys. Recognize me.”

It doesn’t matter if that is your motivation right now. Get your boat out there into the water and let God use it. Because, like Saul, you will become a Paul. He will turn you around, and He will convict you of those motivations that are wrong.

He will eventually say in a very nice way,

“You know my child I don’t like that anger that you have. I don’t want you to be angry with that girl who seems so popular and everything seems just so perfect. Just let it go, because if you can see how I see, you will know that I have a bigger plan for you. Yes she’s great, but I want to use you in a different way.”

You have to just let these wrong motivations go, because they hold us back. And of course they don’t represent Jesus.

So if He does it don’t worry. He is the one who does it. You don’t have to go looking for the wrong things. In the meantime press on and keep on walking forward.

You don’t have to be on your knees 24 hours a day, finding your sins or finding out what is holding you back. If you are walking with Him, He will convict you of things that should be taken care of.

You don’t have to worry. If you are open to it and your heart is open to Him, He will do it because He looks into your heart and says,

“I see her.”

He doesn’t look at you and say,

“Look how sinful she is!”

No, He says,

“Look at how beautiful she is! Look at the wonderful transformation I can do today, both literally and in the Spirit.”

It is the same thing. Don’t worry about it; just let the passion out. Like He says,

“Don’t be lukewarm. Either be hot or be cold; just don’t be somewhere in between.”

If you are lukewarm He can’t do anything with you. If you are hot He can put more fire into you. If you are cold, He can breathe upon you and bring the fire back.

If you are lukewarm though you think you have it all together. But are you doing something with that lukewarm fire? Or are you just hopping around, going along with all the other moves, and not accomplishing or reaching the destiny that He has for you?

There is a reason you are different and why something is burning deep within you. There is a reason why it is not going away, because He has placed it in you the moment you said,

“Here I am.”

He has placed that burning in you, along with your destiny, the map of the road and everything. It is all in there. Just start walking and let it out.

Key 2 – Boldness

The second key I want to look at now is boldness. Maybe you have said,

“I am not bold enough. I don’t have boldness.”

Do you know that you can ask God for boldness? I would say that all of us in this earth are insecure at one time or the other. Nobody was born into this world in full boldness. They might have no hair on their heads and be bald, but nobody has that boldness in themselves.

We all have little areas somewhere where we feel insecure and incapable. Then we look at others and it makes it even worse. You compare yourselves with others or you are made to be compared with others and you start to think,

“I will never cut it; forget it. I am just no good enough.”

We all feel like that at times. Don’t let people stand up there so boldly and don’t let them lie to you. If you scratch somewhere you might see the weakness behind it.

Weaknesses and Doubts

If you have Jesus’ boldness you can actually be weak. You can show weakness at times. You don’t have to put on a mask and pretend,

“I am always bold. I’m always strong and moving on for the Lord. I never have any doubts.”

I have doubts myself. Do you know how many times I have said to the Lord,

“Are you sure we are going to do this right? Are you sure about this Lord, and are you hearing my prayers? Lord, are you sure that this is the way you want me to go? Okay, if you say so, I will take this step in boldness.”

How I Learned Boldness

Again I learned this before I became a believer. My mother made me go to the shops all the time, to places where you wouldn’t send a kid that young, but I had to go and do it. Then if I came home and I didn’t buy the stuff that I should have, she made me go back again and say,

“Did you ask if they have it?”

So I learned very early in life to always ask. I learned,

“Do not come home without asking, because it makes me go double the length.”

I had to walk the whole way to the shops. It wasn’t like these days where you have other ways of getting there. You walked for 20 minutes to the shop and then came back with the wrong thing.

That was always me. I always bought the wrong chips, then I had to take them back again and ask people for help. So I made it a habit. I asked questions wherever I went. I thought,

“I am not leaving without asking.”

Eventually I thought this was a joy. I wasn’t so insecure that I couldn’t greet people along the road, but I made it a habit that whenever there was somebody new around me, I began to talk to them.

I used the opportunity and became bold in asking people about themselves, contacting them and talking to them, and interacting with them. Sometimes people looked at me and said,

“How do you do it?”

I said, “I don’t know, I’m not the greatest person.”

A Gift from God

I was not the popular one as I shared before, but I learned that you can step out and make a decision. And with God you can have even more, because He can give you boldness. It is a gift that you can reach out for and grab. You can say,

“I am taking this.”

If you feel insecure don’t feel bad. Think of Joshua who was one of the biggest warriors out there after Moses, and who slaughtered all those people. What did God have to say to him? He had to say,

Be strong and courageous.

Then God repeated it again. If you look in the Word, you will see that right after that verse He says,

Be very strong and courageous.

It was not good enough to just be strong and courageous. Joshua had to be very strong.

So don’t feel bad if you have this problem. God had to say that to Joshua who knew what He was doing. Don’t feel bad if you go to the Lord and say,

“I am weak. Can you give me strength here? Can you please turn me around 180 degrees and change me, so that I can make an impact in this world? It’s all I have to offer, Lord. It’s all I am.”

Grows With Action

When you pray that, God will answer you and will give you a boldness from deep within. All you have to do is act on it and say,

“Okay I will take the step.”

The more you do it, the more it will grow within you. Don’t wait in the background and think,

“I will wait for the boldness to come first, then I will take the step.”

You see again it doesn’t work that way. It comes when you step out. When you go soaring off the cliff then the boldness comes, and you will suddenly think,

“Hey, I can fly! Isn’t that awesome?”

Then you fly right up to the next cloud, right to the level that God wants you to go to.

The more you do it, the more you will know that it is going to be there. And so you become bold. You become more confident in Him, and you know it is going to happen.

Gives Freely

God gives the boldness freely to you. You don’t have to do something to get it. It says in His Word in John 15:7,

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for yourself whatever you desire and it will be done for you.

It says whatever you desire… This means if you desire boldness or desire to do things for God, He is going to give it to you. Why will He do it? The answer is in the next verse which says,

It is in this that my Father is glorified, which makes it possible for you to bear a lot of fruit and be my disciples.

There is so much promise in this one Scripture. If you ask for something that has something to do with His calling or His Kingdom or doing anything in this earth for Him, He will never withhold it. He will always say,

“Yes and amen. I will give it to you.”

He will do it because He is going to be glorified in it. And in it you are going to bear forth much fruit, not just a little bit like the little basket with the talents. No, you will bear the whole container like we shared about earlier.

He has so much more for you! I am repeating this again and again on purpose, so that it goes into your heart and you believe it.

Putting Up Limitations

You need to let go of your little mindsets. You know sometimes we put barriers up for ourselves and limit ourselves. We say,

“Lord I think I have asked for too much already.”

You can never ask for too much from Him. Let the limitations go, because He sees you bigger than you see yourself. He sees you more beautiful than you see yourself. He sees you more capable than you see yourself. In Him you have all of these things.

Key 3 – Willingness and Obedience

I said that the last key is a willingness and obedience. This goes together with the other keys. Can you see how they build up on each other?

If you have the passion, He can change it and swivel you around wherever He wants. If you have the boldness you are willing to do it. And now, when He asks you to do a task, you just have to do it.

He expects you to respond to Him, and that is all you have to do. You just have to respond and say,

“Yes, I will do it.”

You don’t have to come up with the plan or how you are going to do it. You just have to say,

“I am willing to do it.”

If you are not willing, then God has to go around the world and find somebody else.

Imagine that Noah was not willing to build the ark. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have an earth anymore. You and I would not be here, unless God had found somebody else who was willing to go through with it and build it.

Rejection Comes With it

With being willing and obedient to do things for the Lord, you sometimes have to be willing to be rejected by people. I know we don’t like to hear that because we like to have friends and people around us. But rejection is part of the call. Rejection is part of becoming greater in your life.

I don’t think everybody liked Noah and said,

“Building an ark is an awesome idea Noah.”

Actually nobody liked him because they didn’t want to go with him. They all said,

“You are nuts to build this huge ark. You have lost a couple of screws up there. It is not working anymore.”

No Fear or Holding Back

What did God say to you? Should you go and build another ark? Okay you don’t need to make another one, but maybe He has given you something as great as building an ark. Don’t be afraid to do it. Don’t be afraid to go with your passion.

Perhaps you are holding back and thinking,

“No, this is my safe zone. I am good here.”

If so then God can’t come in and He can’t use you as much as He wants to. I still believe He will use you, but if you try to stay in your comfort zone, He can’t use you as much as He wants to. Because you see you are holding back the growth, and because you are too concerned about what people think about you.

Don’t let people stop you, and don’t let your own thoughts stop you from what God wants to do through you. If He said He will do it, He will do it through you.

Every Promise Fulfilled

Maybe you think you have now missed the opportunities because you have not listened. But let me tell you the promises are still there. God said in His Word that He would fulfill all the promises He had given to Israel.

The same applies to you. Every promise that He has given to you, it is not too late yet to fulfill them. He wants to fulfill them.

I feel a very strong anointing as I am sharing here, because there are a couple of people that He has promised something to, but you have pushed it aside and said,

“I am not ready yet, Lord.”

The Lord says to you though,

“But here it is again.”

He is now offering you a second chance to pick up that promise and to say,

“I am going with it from today forward, Lord. I don’t care how I feel. I don’t care how insecure I am or how rejected I will be. I am picking it up today. Here I am with all the nonsense within me and the sin within me and the disabilities I have. I am here Lord; use it.”

A New Plan

At the end of this message I want you to think about that. I believe that God is saying something different to each person. I want you to make a decision today, because if you do not pick it up, He might have to look for somebody else.

That doesn’t make you worth less in His eyes. He will give a new plan to you. I love that about God. We have all missed it somewhere along the way. Every now and then we have all done things or not done things that He said we should do.

Let’s be honest, each one of us is guilty of that one, yet He still uses us. He still says,

“Okay I will make a new plan. That is not a problem.”

He already knew about you missing it anyway. He foresaw it already and He already created something new for you.

You know when you go on a highway and you are driving and driving? You are sometimes so busy talking that you miss the exit. You should have gone off the highway already, and now you have to drive another 50 kilometers until you get to the next exit.

That is so frustrating, but it can happen. And you know it is not a problem. God knows where you belong and where you should go to, so He will lead you to the next exit.

Yes maybe it will take a bit longer, because now you are doing a detour. But He still wants to fulfill that plan. He still has it for you. It is not lost; it is still there and He will give it back to you as you are willing to say,

“I will obey this time Lord.”

You know God is above you. He will cover you. You don’t have to do it by yourself. Don’t ever think,

“I have no friends. I have no boyfriend and nothing is going right in my life.”

The Best Kind of Fulfillment

Don’t think that this will stay like that forever. Maybe you are going through a phase right now that is preparing you for that greater destiny. Do you really want to let go of the greater destiny, simply because you want to have a couple of friends? It is not worth it.

I was in the world and I tried these things. I want to tell you that it is not fulfilling.

Going on with His plan and reaching His destiny is fulfilling. And it will stay with you, otherwise you will go and drink from a foundation and think you have to go back again and again. You will accept things from people, simply so that you still have that fountain to drink from.

If you go with Him, you have a fountain within you that will never dry out. You can drink from it daily. That is really having that personal relationship with Jesus.

Isn’t that what we all want? I know that He wants to share it with you. I know that He already said yes to you, and that He said,

“I am not going to leave you or forsake you. I am going to walk this, whether you are walking with me or not. I am going to walk it with you to the end, whether you feel worthy of it or not.

Whether you deserve it or not, I am going to walk it to the end. As long as you come with me, we will reach that destination that I promised to you.”

Time to Act

Let the light that God has given to you shine. He has placed a flame within you that He wants to breathe upon. Again I see that this flame is one that has been covered over, by allowing your own thoughts to cover it, and by listening to what other people have said to you.

Let Him remove those things and let the fire come back again fully blown. And don’t ever say,

“I am too young for this.”

God said that He will use and pour His Spirit out upon children. It is time for this. It is time that we finally all rise up where He wants us to be. This includes all the young ones and you who are reading this, because guess what God has given me a vision for?

I want to see you grabbing this and taking it to the next level. Don’t wait for your parents to prepare the way. God has chosen each one to take that step already. And if you are willing to put your passion down, to be bold for Him and be obedient, He will lead you to greatness.

This applies to both young and old. Don’t think this is just for the young people. Remember that today we are all young. God will lead you to the way of destiny and greatness.

Wrapping it Up

I want us to just have a moment in the Spirit now. I feel that the Lord is saying right now,

“Are you ready my child? Because I am ready to go back into this world again through you, and to do the same signs and wonders again that I did when I walked this earth. All I need from you is a willingness to say, ‘I am here.’ ”

Don’t worry about the rest. Don’t worry about how you will get there or the things you have to let go of. I am not making you count the price right now, because I believe you have the passion already.

He has put so much into each one. He has put His whole life into you, so that you can take it out there and you can pour it back into the people. You already have it within.

Don’t worry about the cross. Hanging on the cross is not that difficult. If you put it all on the cross He will get off and He will walk it through you. And people that are around you will see it. They will notice there is something different about you.

Without you saying one word they will get convicted, they will get healed, they will be changed, and they will find Him which is again the most important thing.

My Prayer

“I thank you Lord Jesus for what you are doing. I thank you Lord for your word that has pierced the hearts right now, and for the fires that are burning in anyone who is reading this message.

Holy Spirit I send you out right now upon everyone in Jesus’ name. Come with your fire afresh. Come with your revival upon each person right now. Revive those fires within us and make them into raging fires, Lord.

I remove the bondages that are holding you back. I remove the lies from Satan that are holding you back. I cut them right now with my sword. In the name of Jesus I come against the lies you have been listening to and I say they shall fall to the ground and be no more.

I set a standard against you Satan, where you are trying to hold them back, and where you are trying to distract them and remove them from the plan that God has for them.

I thank you Holy Spirit that you come with your gentle conviction that does go deep, so that we can see where we have to change. But we know we can rely upon you Lord to bring that change.

Jesus I thank you that you are going around right now with a candle.”

I see Him walking to each person and relighting that light within you that has gone dim. I see Him breathing upon it and putting His hands around it, so that there is protection and it cannot be blown out again.

“Thank you Jesus for doing your work in us today. Thank you for the plans that you have. Thank you that you bring them back to us now, and that you pour out your boldness upon each one right now.

Where we don’t know how to do it, and where we don’t know how to go forward, I thank you that you pour it into us now. We are here for you Lord. We are standing for you and for you alone.

I also thank you Jesus that you give us the willingness. It says in your Word that you are the one who gives us the task and gives us the power to fulfill it. So we are just here before you Lord, and we trust you that you will fulfill it. Thank you Jesus.”

In the Spirit I still see so many roads. They look like a knot because you tried to go down so many roads. And you know what? One after the other, He is just straightening them out so that you can see and understand again.

If you have been in confusion about where God is leading you or what exactly He wants from you, trust Him that He is doing it. Know that He is planning it afresh. He is straightening that road that looks so complicated.

He is doing it right now because He loves you, and because He believes in you and knows that you can do this.

Tomorrow, make a new decision to let your light shine. Stand there in boldness with that torch that He has given to you and say,

“World, here I am. I am coming to take you for the Lord.”


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