A Warm Welcome

Welcome to this page. I am excited to have you here and connect with you in this way.

I know that the Lord led you here for a purpose. Even if it’s just to get you inspired afresh, so you can walk away with a new fire in your bones. Of course, what truly burns in me is to influence your walk in a deeper way and equip you for the task God has placed in your hands. If you came here, I believe that God has something very specific in mind for you. My desire is to help you fulfill your calling and find your place in the Body of Christ!

The Lord also promised to bring to me those that share the vision He gave me, and the passion to see the Church being set as a City on the Hill.

May this page and its content inspire you to move further and higher for the Lord. May it cause you to keep pressing on in this race that we are running for His Glory.

Where to Go from Here? 

-> Put your teeth into some articles here.

You will find different categories of articles to read through. Depending on the category, they are longer or shorter pieces of writings.

You can find articles covering the following subjects:

  • Your Calling – the how’s and why’s (and what you can do to move forward in it)
  • Leadership Principles
  • Business – Done God’s Way
  • Encouragement/Devotionals

Of course, you can also just jump directly to my blog page – to see the latest that has been added there.

If anything sparks you, or you are left with any burning questions, please don’t be shy to leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Do you rather enjoy listening to a powerful message than having to read through pages? Don’t worry, I got you covered, too!