How We Work

The Lord promised her at that stage that she will have many children that she will be a Spiritual Mother too, and she sees this promise already begin to take shape.

In all of this she does not stand on her own, but is being under covering and submission of her Apostolic Father, Les D. Crause. This keeps her balanced and also from the dangers of getting into deception from the enemy.

While currently being situated and part of the GBMI team in South Africa, the Lord has been revealing recently that there are new adventures ahead of Nadine. She is seeing the doors being opened to establish further works of GBMI around the globe in the near future and is looking forward to where the Lord will take her altogether in the next year that lies ahead.

One thing is clear to her, there is so much more to be accomplished and reached out for, on a personal as well as on a broader spectrum of ministry and calling.

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