Gods Word for 2020
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God’s Word for 2020 – a Prophetic Word to the Body of Christ

By Nadine Stohler

1 Corinthians 4: 20

“For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power.” (does not consist of talk, but of dynamic power)

As I spent time with the Lord to see what He had to say about the year ahead, He showed me a vision of an army arising on the horizon.
Thousands upon thousands of people stood side by side and stepped forward as one unit. They were both; male and female; young and old, and they came from different races and ethnic backgrounds.

One thing stood out to me very clearly: while they may have looked different on the outside, they carried the same Spirit in their hearts.
They stepped forward with one purpose in mind: To build God’s Kingdom in this earth and to spread His truth into the ends of the earth!

It was to follow the call and give their all. It was to fulfill the great commission and destiny that had been placed on their lives – without any compromise or backing down.

Each carrying a weapon, they stood equipped and ready. There wasn’t even one person out of line. They moved forward together, powerfully and swiftly in one accord; following the instructions of the General that sat on a white horse in the lead.

Their armor wasn’t anything fancy. They looked like normal, ordinary people. But what stood out to me the most as I looked closer, was the glow on their faces; the deep commitment and willingness in their hearts to give their all and to yield everything within them to fulfill the task at hand.

Then the Lord spoke:

“This is the year in which my Body will see a new move come to the forefront. A move that is not initiated by man, but a move that is initiated by Me and My Spirit.

This is a move that has been long ago decreed into the earth, by My Prophets of Old. Many of my Generals have been waiting and hoping to see this move, and it is now that I will release my Spirit as never before into my Church and my Power will be seen unlike any time before.

For My Body has been like a sleeping giant and has still been lying there, dormant and often unmoved; confused about its purpose and wondering when the times will change.

Many have cried out to me and asked me to do something; to change the circumstances in this earth. Many have cried out in hope that I will turn the tides and turn back the time, and cause once again to take place what happened to the early Church.

But I am not a God that stays stagnant or looks backwards. While I will always be the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow I am a God of new things and of hope.

I am a God that moves forward and leads my people into new things and into what I have promised a long time ago. And leading them to the Promised Land only comes by moving forward.

And yea, while this move may take time to be established and to be manifested in fullness, it won’t take forever. For I will work swiftly, as I have prepared many of my Pioneers and Generals for this last move for quite some time.

I am not moved by the things that are happening in this earth and that seem to upset many people. I am not taken by surprise about any happenings; I am God and I know all things and see all things.

Doing A New Thing

But I am doing a new thing and releasing a new wave of my Supernatural Power upon my Church at this time. I am releasing a new time of equipping my Body to fight the good fight. For too long my Bride has been powerless and has tried to work things out in her own wisdom and power. For too long, my people have waited for some unique vessels to arise and to lead them into victory.

And while there is a time and a place for this to take place and I do send my leaders and chosen vessels ahead, it won’t be a move that is restricted to just some in my Body. No, it will move beyond this and I will move My hand on whole groups of people, all at once. I will move on whole Local Churches at once and transform them and cause them to shine and arise in a new light.

I will equip them and fill them with my Glory and they will arise in my glorious power and cause the earth to be filled with my presence. They will step into the miraculous and make signs and wonders a normal and daily experience once again. Not something that just some will step into, but every single part of my Body moves in.

For I always wanted to work this way in my Body. I have never stopped longing to see my Church being set on a hill as the shining city it is meant to be for all the world to see.

Yet my body has been mocked, my people have lost hope and have turned away to structures, without giving me full control of these structures. This is going to change in the coming years. This is going to change in this new decade that I have released upon this earth and brought in.

It will not be about a few chosen people, or one chosen country. It will be a connected work that I will do all over the earth. While I will move on different countries on the map at different times, I will release my Spirit in new ways and I will do works that have not been seen before and that are not common.

I will equip the small and insignificant ones, and they will step forward in great faith. A faith that is unlike anything seen since the early days. A faith that will move beyond the borders of the natural and cause a supernatural wave of power and of Glory to break through into the earth.

For it is time that My Glory is made to be known in this earth. It is time that every one of My children begins to see me for who I really am.

Past Failures Removed

Many leaders in the past tried to hold this back for their own benefit. They tried to horde it to themselves instead of showing others how to enter into this on a personal level. And so I will do a new thing, where every single one of My children can step into this and be equipped to walk in dynamic power. A power that has the ability to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons and raise the dead. A power that heals inside and outside and brings a transformation in Spirit, soul and body – all at once.

For I have not ceased to see My Body move in this power. I have not ceased to touch the earth in miraculous ways. I have not ceased to show Myself in my fullness to each and everyone – believers and unbelievers alike.

I have waited for this and used My Prophets for many years to release this move into the earth and to decree it into existence. I have revealed My secrets to My servants, the Prophets and the Apostles. And I have used many to prepare and till the ground for what is about to take place.

Many of my Apostles have laid a great foundation in secret, hidden away from the public eye. And yet, this hasn’t been enough. It has only been the beginning of what I truly am going to do in My Body and through My Church.

Time To Act

So look, expect and get ready for the year that lies ahead. Make yourself available and embrace all that I want to do. Dive into the wave and let it carry you to the place that I have for every single one of my children.

Step out and be willing to be counted. Step out boldly and don’t look back at what has happened or where you hoped to go before. For truly, new things are going to take place, as it has been decreed so long ago and been spoken about for so long through my spokesmen.

Arise my Bride and step into my Glory!

Know that I will reveal Myself to you and that I will work through you in mysterious ways. Do not lean on your own understanding, but be willing to look foolish for Me. I do not look for any qualifications or abilities. I don’t need them for this move. All I need is your willingness, your complete trust and your openness to be used by Me; to be willing to step into the unknown and take hold of it and not let go. Until it is yours and you continually walk in this reality.

Arise my Bride and move out of the grave that you have been in!

Move out of the ashes and begin to walk in the beauty that I have set upon you. Walk in the glorious and victorious power that I made available to you and paid for, on the cross on Calvary.

To each of My children I say:

Take My hand and allow Me to show you who you truly are. Allow Me to transform you from deep within and remove the limitations that have pinned you down to the ground for so long.

For it is not by might and power, but by My Spirit alone that you will step into this new era and begin to walk in My Glory.

And as you step in, you will begin to live in it. You will begin to see like I see, and think like I think. But it is time to let go of the comfort zone and of holding back. It is time to leave behind and lay down everything before Me and allow Me to equip you as My soldier.

As the General I will give you the commands and all you have to do is to simply obey each step. Don’t worry what people will say or think of you. Don’t worry what the world will call you! For they don’t know, but yet they will see Me and My power being revealed through your every move. Wherever the sole of your foot treads you will leave an imprint of My Glory.

And My bride will dance and arise all over the world. My light will come and shine and remove the evil; even in the darkest places of the earth. Just embrace what I will do and yield to be a part of it says the Lord.

A Word to The Fivefold Ministry

To My Evangelists

The time is here where you do not just stand in this alone, but where you link arms with the rest of the Fivefold and build together as one. The time is here where you begin to reproduce yourself in others as never before.

Do not hold back on teaching others how to flow in My miraculous power. Do not hold back in spreading My power and releasing others into the same as you have. This is My purpose, and has always been in all of the Fivefold; to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. To mature them and bring them to an understanding of who I am and more importantly; who THEY are in Me.

To My Pastors

Take care of my sheep and feed them. Don’t feed them any longer empty words and principles based on worldly standards alone. But feed them My Glory and dynamic power.

Invest into each one, and help them to rise above their own insecurities and hurts. Heal them from within and equip them with My truth. Love them unconditionally and release this supernatural love upon them until they are transformed into My image, and go from strength to strength and from Glory to Glory.

To My Teachers

You are not just teachers of the truth and the word, but teachers of power. I will release a new wave even on My teachers in this time and era. And they will too begin to rise in a supernatural way and not just touch heaven, but bring heaven down to earth as they teach and instruct My people.

So get ready for this and don’t lean on your own wisdom and your own experiences alone. For I will give you heavenly wisdom and cause you to speak forth and transform lives with signs and wonders following.

Many will rise up and speak of things unheard of. They will teach My people the truth and the dynamic power that is contained in My Word. And an external anointing will accompany the wisdom that I lay into them, and cause my people to arise in victory and in maturity.

To My Prophets

Many Prophets have tried to seek their own glory and My Body the Church has been experiencing pain and suffering because of this. My Body has been mocked because of the things that have been taking place under the cover of the prophetic.

So reposition yourself and know that you too will be hit by a new wave in this coming time. No longer shall it be about you and your predictions alone, but about you leading every single one of My children into a face to face relationship with Me. A relationship that will cause them to hear my voice for themselves.

Show My Bride what I have for her. Show My people the plans that I have for them and lead them to the place where they confidently can stand in that place and fulfil the purpose and ministry that I have set on each one.

Once again, you shall not do this without any power.

So expect a new move to take place in those that are called to the Prophetic – especially those that are called to the Prophetic Office. For they shall become again powerful in speech AND in deed.

Expect a merge of the internal and the external anointings, with signs and wonders following every single decree and word that is going to be released into the earth.

Expect a merge and increase to take place between the evangelistic and prophetic anointing in your lives, My Prophets. And be bold – not just in speaking My Word and secrets into the earth, but equipping My Body in power and preparing them for the Glory that lies ahead.

Also, I have created you to lead My people in worship and bring My Glory down on this earth through worship. So step into this and focus on Me alone while doing so. Don’t focus on yourself or what you sound like or what everyone else is doing. But focus on leading My people into a new experience of Glory in the Holy of Holies.

Take them beyond the veil and show them the sacrifice of true worship – a worship that is brought before Me in My throne room and taking place in Spirit and truth!

To My Apostles

You are chosen to lay down My foundations for My Church and lead it into the fulness of who I am.

Don’t grow weary in perseverance when the work isn’t taking shape as fast as you had hoped it to, or it seems that the task ahead is overwhelming or too big to fulfil.

Don’t let the enemy cause you to give up hope, when he tries to stop you from moving forward. But put your hand to the plough and know that your investment and your tireless work will be rewarded by Me.

You are facing many battles on behalf of My people. You are facing the storms so others don’t have to and I see your heart and your willingness to keep persevering and keep moving forward until the work is finished.

I will lead many of you into new realms of My Power and Glory, for it is to you that I entrust My people and their growth and purpose. I will give you the keys that you need to unlock the doors that still seem shut before my Church and her growth.

So look to Me and allow Me to renew your vision.

Many of you are holding on to old visions that I asked you to let go of. Many of you grew weary of loving My people to the end. I am not condemning you, for I know how hard it is to work under the pressure that you are facing on a daily basis and the opposition that is coming against you.

But let Me renew your fire and fill you with new oil so that it can too, reach those I have set below you. Don’t pass out old stale bread any longer, but get renewed with My glorious power and help My Body find it’s place.

Don’t compare yourself to those beside you. But realise that I have set different apostolic types in place, and recognise each others strengths, instead of dwelling on each others weaknesses and doubting what kind of work they are doing in their given garden.

I have given each one of you a special task and mandate to fulfil and only as you start to flow together and move together will you begin to see the fulness of My picture.

Not one has the full picture, except Me. But you need to interlink arms with each other and begin to move forward together as one.

If you do that My people will arise in strength and in unity. In this year I will break beyond borders of countries and denominations. So get ready to build My work, and keep passing down to the generations to come what I have placed within you. Keep doing the good work and don’t grow weary in doing so.

Let The Light Of His Glory Shine

Let My power be your source and My Glory be your focus. As you do so, you will see the shaping of My glorious Body and Church taking place like never before.

It is a new time and it is a new era that begins now. Arise, for your light has come. Arise, and see the Glory of the Lord fill the earth and fill every heart.

No longer will darkness cover the earth, but My light will shine and My Power and Glory will be ever present upon this earth!

This is My desire and My plan for My body and every single part of it” says the Lord.

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  • Anna Scott

    What a Word for 2020 from the Father concerning the Body of Christ!

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