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How to Get People Buy Your Products

It’s Really True… this principle really works.

But let me start at the beginning. The other day we went out to the store for some shopping. We walked up and down the aisles, just browsing and looking.

As I spotted the socks there in the clothing section I was reminded of my poor inventory of socks at home. Fortunately, living here in a warmer country you do not need to wear them so often. You can walk around in open shoes for ages. However, the temperatures have been dropping and it has been cold enough to wear winter boots. So to stock up on some new socks really would have been a good idea.

Now, I did not have much cash on me on that day. But I would have had enough money to buy some socks. And also in my bank account, there would have been more than enough money to buy ten pairs of socks, but I left the store without buying any new socks.

In my opinion, I did not have the money to buy some new pairs of socks. Of course this wasn’t quite the truth…but we will get to that later.

A couple of days later I opened an email that I received from one of those big online clothing stores. They were advertising some of their clothing and products.

There it was – a picture of that lovely jacket that I have had my eye on for some time now.

I had to have another look, so I clicked on the image that led me to the product online. It was so beautiful. I could see myself wearing it and I could feel its quality and its fabric on my skin.

It didn’t take long and the order was in process. I had purchased the jacket and I didn’t care how much money I had just spent on it. Yes, I could have bought twenty pairs of socks at least with the money I had just spent on this jacket, but I did not regret a penny I had spent on it.

Now what did I learn from this experience? Even though it was just something small and insignificant, like a pair of socks and jacket, this experience opened my eyes afresh to a principle that I had learned in the Laws of Selling series in our Business Courses.

Let’s think about it, how often do we say or think that we don’t have the money to buy something that we actually really need? And no, I don’t think this is just something that women experience. I have seen this in guys too, so there is no excuse there.

But through this experience I have to admit it is true; there is always money for what you want or desire!

How come people go through a tough year, holding back on spending money on anything, even cutting back on spending too much money on food. But then at the end of the year, they fly away for two weeks of holiday in one of the most expensive cities?

It is because they desire it. Their desire drives them! And they will not hold back spending all their money on it.

Being in business you are often confronted with people’s excuses that they have no money to buy your product. If they don’t want to upset you they will tell you that they really would like to buy it but just don’t have the money. Have you heard this one? I am sure you have.

Often you know that your product is exactly what they need. But as you have seen from my story above, it is not always what they want or desire.

How do you get people to buy from you?
Nobody likes to spend money on what they need. It is not exciting, it is not fulfilling and it is no fun to have to spend money on what you need.

Honestly, how much fun do you have when you have to pay your taxes? I am sure not very much, and you can very well imagine yourself spending that money on something better than that, right?!

Needs and obligations will never encourage your customer to buy from you.

You will have to reach beyond that. If you want them to buy from you, you will have to reach their desires. If you want to become more successful in selling you have to tap into their desires and stir their emotions.

I mean… jacket or socks – there was just NO question for me!

What if someone doesn’t have a desire?

If someone does not show a clear desire then it is up to you to create one in them. Make them desire your product. Present your product in such a way that they can’t live without it! How do you do that? I cannot go into too much detail here but you have to paint some pictures.

Show them how your product

1. Can improve their lives
2. Will benefit them
3. Will help them reach their goals in life
4. If you do so you will stir their emotions and their interest.

We all strive for accomplishment and satisfaction. Every person wants to be successful and live a life filled with love, joy and good times. Every human being has a desire to be accepted and recognized through life. These are built in desires in each one of us.

Find out what people want to be and what their desires are. Find out what burns in them and then offer your product in such a way that it matches their desire. Your product has to be the solution to fulfill their desires.

No longer tell people that your product is exactly what they need, but appeal to their desire and make them want it. A core desire is a powerful force and will leave no stone unturned until it has found a way to be met.

If you succeed in stirring up a desire in your customers for your product or service you will always gain their interest and have them buy from you.

I know that as you apply this principle and the other many principles taught in The Laws of Selling, you will be successful in not only launching your new business, but also very quickly increasing your sales and income.

I look forward to getting to know you better in the future as we continue to share these powerful principles on business for God’s Entrepreneurs.

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