God's Perfect Time

When Will God’s Promises Manifest?

The Lord said it, you believe it, but where is it?

You answered the call and the Lord gave you some powerful promises – tick.  The direction was crystal clear – tick. The promises overtook you faster than you could handle or hoped for – you wish!  In fact, right now you are reading this and wonder where those promises have gone to? It feels like they all disappeared into thin air. It may even have been years ago when you received the promise originally.

It’s not like you doubted them. In fact, you were so fired up because you knew that you heard from Him and that He gave you the vision to fulfill. You were unstoppable because you could feel this wasn’t your own idea – you would never have come up with such a brilliant plan. It was obvious that this was from God. And you’ve done all that you can to make it become a reality.

But for some reason, the manifestation just hasn’t come yet. Why is it taking so long? Why are you facing such hardship for something that God indicated He will give you or do through you?

If you are called you understand this last question very well. You have definitely not been the first one to ask yourself, or alone in this one. Lately, I’ve been looking to the Lord as to why some promises seem to take forever to become a reality, while others come through in a flash.

Of course, I cannot give you all the answers in just a short article. There are many elements that have to be taken into account. But the Lord shed some light on my path. And I believe it can do the same for you. The answer almost sounds too simple:

The timing has to be right.

Perfect Timing

Timing really is a big thing in God’s vocabulary and He is very serious about it.

We might think He doesn’t always know when the time is right. Shouldn’t He have done it already? Can’t He see that the Church is in desperate need for this? And His people have been crying out for it?

I mean, it would have been the perfect moment back there when you were so full of fire and zeal, right?

I do admit to having had these thoughts more than once, in regards to the promises interlinked with my ministry and calling.

But if you have a look at His Word you will see that this is one of God’s character traits. He always showed up at the right time. Never too early and never too late.

This means, His timing is ALWAYS perfect.

You are not the first one that has had to wait for a promise. Put yourself into the shoes of Abraham, who had to wait for many, many years to see the promises of God manifest before his eyes. But still, the timing was perfect and without fault.

So have a look at all these wonderful visions that the Lord has given to you, but have not come to pass yet.

Now I have to put in here that I assume that you have done your part already, as this is not what this article is about. In a nutshell, you have:

1. Obeyed
2. Stepped out
3. Been diligent in what He asked you to do

You also pressed on even when the road looked hopeless and dark.

If you have done your part – but still don’t see anything – you need to trust that He knows what He is doing. I know, easier said than done. But hang in there and read on.

There Will Be a Reason – Even If You Don’t Understand It

You need to realize that perhaps the timing is just a little bit off. It’s a bit too soon. Or in other words: ‘not quite perfect yet’.

This means you simply have to be patient for a little bit longer. Until the right time comes around and those doors open up wide before you.

Perhaps something is standing in your way and the Lord has to deal with that blockage first. Perhaps He has to put some key people into your path, and/or remove some that should no longer be part of your journey. Because if these people are still there (or not there yet!), the vision cannot be fulfilled.

Whatever it is, you need to wait on Him and keep on believing that He knows when the perfect time has come. Then, when the time is right, He will launch you fully and bring the manifestation to pass.

Trust, Trust and Trust Some More

In the meantime, while you are waiting keep focusing on Him and trusting Him. Don’t lose hope and don’t step out prematurely. As in the natural, a baby takes time to form in the belly. If you give birth too early, it can lead to a miscarriage. Don’t let your impatience drive you and rob you of any of these promises.

If you try to bring this to pass in your own strength it may flop really bad.  This could lead you to not wanting to try again or get up again. That is not God’s will. And even if it looks like it’s taking off for a little while, it may eventually collapse on you because it wasn’t in His timing. You perhaps weren’t ready to handle it all the way.

I don’t want this to happen to you and neither does the Lord.

If you have lost hope, get back into His Presence and listen to His still small voice. He is still talking to you saying,

“Be patient, my child. I am in control and I know what I am doing. I haven’t forgotten about it and I am not slumbering. I will open the doors ahead of you in my perfect timing. Just keep trusting me.”

It doesn’t take long to get back the peace within. Just wait, trust and keep believing.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you may have been waiting for a long time for certain things to manifest. I understand, I’m still waiting for a promise to be fulfilled that I received more than 14 years ago. That is along with some other outstanding ones – so I do truly understand the pain some of you reading this may be facing.

But know that it will be worth the wait. Soon you will walk into all these promises, one by one. And you will look back on your journey and see how your faith, enduring and hoping has led to the Glory that you are about to enter into.



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  • Lindiwe Tom

    Thank you so much Apostle for sharing this. This speaks to me so much. As much as I get frustrated at times God always guides me to what I still need to deal with in my life that hasn’t been dealt with. I have come to understand the journey not being easy and requiring lots of faith. But through it all I know He promised never to leave my side.

  • Lucky benjamin

    Oh Nadine you are awesome! Sometimes I wonder how accurate you are in your writings. This just depict me. This piece is nothing but the truth! I have a lot to say to lend credence to what you have written but this space won’t be enough to put them down.
    I believe this write-up was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much.

    • Lesedi

      Woow!I feel this message is for me right now.Thank you Apostle for answering the call when God needed to send this message to me.

      On Tuesday this week God gave Me this message to share during our fellowship time to “Trust in The Lord” because He is with us,He will strengthen us,help us and uphold us with His righteous right hand
      and gave Me a picture of Shadrack,Meshack and Abednigo how He was with them and able to strengthen them,help them through the fire and how He lifted them up with His righteous hand, through their trust in Him.And with His perfect time the 3 were saved from the fire and God’s Name was Glorified through all the nations and The 3 were Promoted as well in Babilion because the timing was Perfect,and the picture of Joseph as well how He was made the 2nd in Egypt after all the hustle n still trusting in God .Then His long time dream that God gave Him came to pass.

      Now today I read this message as I was still in my thoughts of when the Promise He gave Me is gonna come to pass and I thought to myself but I heard Him right He said this to Me.So now reading your message I feel God is telling Me to trust in Him. I feel comforted and strengthened to keep Trusting Him more and more for He is waiting for “The Perfect Time” to come then His Promise for Me will be fulfilled.Thank you Nadine for the words I feel energized again 🤗😘 I feel that indeed He is saying to me…

      “Be patient, my child. I am in control and I know what I am doing. I haven’t forgotten about it and I am not slumbering. I will open the doors ahead of you in my perfect timing. Just keep trusting me.”😊😘

      May you continue to avail yourself for God to use you this way….you just saved me from all the condemnation and wrong thoughts going on in my mind.You just saved my baby may be I was gonna give birth prematurely.Thank you for that🙏

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