Prophetic Word for Entrepreneurs
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Prophetic Word for God’s Entrepreneurs

A Prophetic Word to Those in Business
by Nadine Stohler

As I came to the Lord this morning in my prayer time I felt a heavy burden in my spirit for all the business people that are on our lists. So I went in there and it didn’t take long, and the Holy Spirit showed me that it was time to pick up the weapons of warfare and do some decreeing on your behalf.

Here is what He showed me:

I saw a city that was very busy, with lots of traffic and people going through it. There were many skyscrapers, as well as small businesses, that seemed to attract the traffic. The Lord showed me that those are the businesses that were set in place by Him in this city, and appointed by Him. God has given you a very clear task to follow and wisdom and ideas, not many around you share. I first was excited, because I expected that those businesses would stand out in this city from the others.

But as I looked closer I didn’t see any difference between any of the buildings, in fact, the closer He took me the more I saw that like a black film covered the whole city. I could see those businesses that God was talking about, they had a light surrounding them but because of the black dusty clouds surrounding them, the light didn’t shine as brightly and they didn’t attract as many people as they were meant to.

Perhaps this last while has been a very tough time for you in your business and you haven’t seen as much of the blessing of the Lord as you hoped to see. Perhaps you wonder if you heard God wrong, and the niche you are in is just not working or the place you chose isn’t quite right.

If you have been feeling this way I want you to know that you and your business have been on my heart, and that you didn’t miss God but that you are under spiritual attack from the enemy. Satan does not want you to succeed and He does not want your business to stand out in this world. He knows that your heart is in the right place, and you have a desire to glorify the Lord and His Kingdom with your business. Clearly, Satan is very upset about that and he is trying right now all that he can to bring you under bondage and make you doubt the revelation and promises that you received from God.

When I looked at all of this, I was reminded of Pharaoh and how he gave the Children of Israel a hard time when they wanted to leave. Pharaoh is a good picture of the world system and he is set above the wealth of this world. He does not let go easily, and will try to keep back from you the wealth and success that God has for you. He will try to hold you back so that you cannot enter into the Promised Land that God desires to give you. But God has fought that fight already and He has made a way out. You are not in deception with what you have heard from God, and He will take you through this. If you feel this is speaking to you, I want you to stand in agreement with me and receive what God has for you.

Standing Against the Attack
‘In the Name of Jesus I come now against you Pharaoh, and I tell you to let God’s anointed people go! I command you to loose and let go of their wealth and their businesses. I bind your works Pharaoh, and your hands and I put your in chains. You will no longer attack them and try to destroy them, in Jesus Name.

I command you to take your dirty hands off their taps, and to let the blessing and prosperity flow. I come against every blockage that has caused them to fail and struggle in the past while. You will not stand in their way any longer and every demon force and attack that you have launched against them, I command you to call them back. I destroy your plans now Satan, and come against every curse that has been spoken against those businesses. I call the fire of the Lord to come down and to burn every single curse and blockage away.

I also come against every personal attack that you have launched against those that are appointed by the Lord Jesus Himself. And I come against the arrows and negative words that you have launched against them in the spirit. I take my sword and cut those ropes that I see, that are holding them back and remove the cords that you have used to trip them up.

You will no longer hold them back, but you will release them and their businesses right now. You will bow your knee and open the way for them to walk into the land that God has promised to them.’

Releasing God’s Blessing

‘Lord I ask you to come with a fresh wind now, and to remove all the dust and dirt that has been covering those businesses. I ask you to come down with your rain and to wash away every bit of the attack that they have been under. Not just that, but I ask you to come down with your glory and with your anointing and make them stand out more than ever before!

I release new faith into your chosen ones, and thank you Lord for each one that you have appointed and set apart with a passion and desire to do business for you. I thank you Lord for their dedication to you, and I ask you Lord to fill their hearts with new hope, and a deep and strong confirmation that you are with them. I release the wisdom of Solomon afresh upon them, and ask you to anoint them with your understanding and wisdom.

I take my key and open new doors to business opportunities and contacts on their behalf, and speak an increase on their finances and on all that they put your hands to.

May whatever you touch turn into gold and may your wisdom and understanding increase as you press on forward, in Jesus Name. Amen.’

A Word of Encouragement
“My child, do not be afraid, for I am with you and I have chosen you! What you are experiencing is not of me, and you have not failed or missed my perfect plan for your life. No, this is the attack of the enemy and I want you to take your stand and to take the weapons that I have given to you. You have authority in My Name, and I want you to stand bold and confident and know that the desire in your heart is of me.

I have called you and set you aside, you are a new breed and many have doubted your passion and called you worldly. But what you have deep in your heart, is of me and the passion that burns so strongly in you, to create wealth and lead others in the secular world, was a seed planted by me. However, Satan will always try to keep you down and He will always try to make you think that you have missed it. He will always try to hold you back from entering into the Promised Land that I have for you. So stand tall, and learn to fight this fight, knowing that I will lead the way and show you where to go. Just as I led the Children of Israel and went before them in a pillar of a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire during the night, so will I go before you and prepare the way and show you each step that I want you to take. I will be with you always and show you exactly what steps to take and cause you to succeed and take back the wealth that I have designed for my Body to walk in!”

Be encouraged and keep pressing on forward, the Lord is working on your behalf! The breakthrough will come and your business will shine and attract many, just as I have seen it in the vision. Just stand and use your weapons, and keep proclaiming what is rightfully yours.

You are not alone and we will keep standing with you.

Rise up now and prosper, and may your business move to a new level with His help.


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