Marks of a Fivefold Teacher
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Marks of a Fivefold Teacher

God is busy raising up a new breed of Teachers. And we will see many of them being released into the Body of Christ in the near future. Their job won’t be only to equip believers, but also to teach the truth that will set people free and change their hearts and minds.

Many think, that because they can spout much Word – or know so many Scriptures by reference and all – they have a teaching calling. But you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Not Just a Preacher of the Word

Being the third one, and only other one, in line in the Fivefold Ministries with an Office Level (with the Apostolic in the leading position and the Prophetic in between them), this calling requires much more of you than just knowing a couple of Scriptures or having a deep hunger for the Word.

Think about it, a Preacher does the same: he or she presents the Word of God. So does that mean any Preacher out there immediately qualifies as a teacher? The answer is a definite “No!”

While a Preacher feeds you the Word of God, it is the Teacher that really knows how to prepare a spiritual feast or meal and make it look very presentable and interesting. He knows how to break it down into smaller pieces and portions. But he or she doesn’t just leave you standing there. A Teacher knows how to build them up again – one on top of the other – so that by the end of a message you will have a fully rounded and clear picture.

Thinks Strategically – Presents Deep Principles in an Easy Way

Many Preachers go all over the place in their sermons. They start over here and get over there, then leave the subject altogether without ever returning. In the end, they leave you wondering if anyone can actually tell what the whole sermon was all about.

Have you ever been there? Nothing wrong with it, Prophets usually preach like this all the time and often are very encouraging, motivational and perhaps even challenging. They stir the emotions, but you walk away and you cannot take much from it except for that very moment. It’s not instructing you or teaching you how to apply what you have learned.

However, a true Teacher has the skills (and most importantly the anointing!) to break things down into small pieces for you to chew on. He makes it easy for you to understand, and presents heavy food in a way that even a young child can understand the most complex doctrines and subjects.

A Willingness and Hunger to Learn Continuously

If you feel you are called to this powerful ministry, and you have a desire to help people walk into the fullness of the Lord in every area of their lives, become someone that learns and sees something new every single day of your life. Learn to observe every situation that you find yourself in. A Teacher looks for solutions all the time – he or she is hungry for answers and burns with lots of questions.

This will be your preparation, and God will put you through any circumstance you can imagine to find yourself in. Once you have lived it and know how to overcome it, you can teach the principle in return again to others. You then can pass on all the hidden gems that you have found and picked up along the way.

To bring this short blog post to a close, why not answer the following questions:

  1. Are you someone that learns from your surroundings?
  2. Are you observant and someone that notices things that others do not?
  3. Are you a person that doesn’t just live in the moment, but finds something new to learn in any situation or circumstance – good or bad?
  4. Do you have an insatiable appetite and hunger for more of God and desire to keep on learning new things?
  5. Are you someone that pays attention to detail and often tries to see things from different angles?

If you answered the questions above with a ‘yes’, it is safe to say that you have a teacher-orientation.  And who knows, God might be busy preparing you for that call on your life.

Welcome fellow Teacher, there is going to be an exciting and never-ending learning curve ahead of you!

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