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Leaving Your Business Cares Behind

Psalms 34:4 I sought the LORD [Yahweh], and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears

He lay there in the middle of the night. Surrounded by darkness, all his eyes could see was the pitch-black outlines of his bedroom furniture. His eyes were wide open and fixed on the ceiling over his bed.

It was not that he was wide awake. In fact, he felt exhausted from the last week. But he just couldn’t fall asleep. His mind was going wild and would not give him rest. He was searching for a solution to pay off all those bills, and a way to bring in more income from his business.

Does that sound familiar?

To own a business can sometimes be overwhelming. You are faced with different kinds of responsibilities. You are required to pay the bills of the business. And if you have any employees or people under you, they expect you to give them their salary at the end of each month.

None of your employees comes up to you and tells you not to worry about his or her salary. They will not say to you “You know, I have been thinking, this month’s bills will be on me. I will gladly pay for the business expenses that are coming up!”

No, at the end of the day, you face this load and it is your responsibility to take care of it.

This is fine and great if you made enough profit during the month, and you had good business along the way. But what if you had a bad month and not much movement? The bills still have to be paid, right?

If you are faced with this situation right now and you are lying in your bed at night not able to sleep, I’d like to share a principle with you that will set you free.

Stop the Negative Thinking
Thinking about all the negatives will not fix your problems or lead you to a solution. Your worrying only gives you ulcers, and exhausts you even more.

Stop worrying and stop thinking all the negative thoughts. They will rob your faith and make you feel helpless. If, on top of that you begin to feel overwhelmed, you are likely to move into fear. Fear blocks your faith, destroys any hope and opens the door wide to curses.

The worst of all is that whatever you fear might happen probably will happen. Because it is all you are concentrating on and speaking into existence with your fearful words.

It Is Time to Let Go

David knew how to be delivered from his fears. He knew where to run and where to find help. We can learn from him and he gives us a key here to deal with our fears, and to deal with any obstacles that leave us feeling overwhelmed.

You see, it is absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed at times. But if it blocks you and keeps you from being productive and walking in blessing and joy, it is against God’s will.

The key is so easy that we sometimes forget it, and need to be reminded. Quite simply, you need to:

1. Come into the Lord’s presence and give your cares to Him

2. Simply let go of the stress, and let God pick up the load again

It is in His presence that you find the solution to your problems. In His presence you will get wisdom and revelation. His presence fills you with new hope and new strength to push on.

If God has put you in charge of the business, He will also make sure that your business survives. He will not let you down in the middle of it. Your fears and your worries concern Him and He wants to help you. He knows about your bills, and everything else that makes you lie awake at night.

But He can’t help you if you keep holding onto the load. And He cannot help you if you walk in fear instead of faith. Remember, it is His load! He has put you in charge, but it is His to carry.

If you feel overwhelmed why not make it a project for today and do it right now:

1. Submit yourself afresh to the Lord.

Submit your spirit, soul and body, and resist any lies and thoughts of fear that the enemy has planted in your mind, as it teaches in James 4:7

2. Praise Him for all the things that are going through your mind.

Praise Him for every bill that has to be paid. Say for example “I thank you Lord for this bill, thank you that you are taking care of it. I let go of all those cares and fears now and I place it into your hands. I put you in control afresh and thank you for carrying this load for me.”

Whatever comes out of your heart, don’t get hang up on the words. Just express your heart and praise Him for it all.

There is power in praise, as it will take off your mind of the negatives. It will give you a clear perspective, and as you speak the truth, the truth will set you free. You may not feel like praising Him or thanking Him right now. But you see, you have to realize that it is not about what you feel, but rather a choice to trust Him and to let Him be in control.

If you do that, your feelings will follow. If you wait for the right feelings to come before taking this step, you may wait a long time.

3. See yourself letting go of the cares one by one.

If you have a hard time visualizing that, imagine you hold in your hands this heavy briefcase full of stones. In His presence you open the case and give Him each stone, one at a time, until your briefcase is empty.

4. Stay in His presence until you feel His peace.

He might give you a promise or encouragement. I love how Apostle Les puts it. He often says to me, “He is talking to you all the time, you just need to take the time to listen to His voice.”

Spend time in His presence, do not just rush through it. Switch off your cellphone for a couple of minutes and close your office door so that nobody can interrupt you. It doesn’t take long for Him to fill you up afresh.

5. When you leave His presence; leave the cares behind with Him.

Sometimes we are tempted to pick them up again and to leave the way we came to Him. Forget about your briefcase, He is taking care of it now. Walk out with what He has given you.

If you follow the steps above you will feel a load lifting from you and a new strength and hope coming instead. Then you can face the new day. And you can face your responsibilities with new hope and excitement.

Use this key and you will find yourself managing your business stress free and with joy, peace and hope.


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