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Jesus Was Picky

When you look at whom Jesus chose to become His twelve disciples, you will see that He was very selective. And He put some of them through tests before He accepted them.

Yes sure, He had a multitude of people following Him. However, they weren’t the ones that He eventually appointed as the first Apostles or the ones that built the early Church. Unfortunately, many of them turned their backs on Him and became the ones that yelled “Crucify Him”, along with the Pharisees.

When God has given you a specific task to accomplish in this earth, there will be many along the way that appear to be excited about your vision and purpose. But somewhere on the journey, they will fall away and God will remove them from you. Why does He do that? Because He knows who has the right heart and carries the right motivation.

Just because they look excited on the outside, does not mean that they carry the same commitment and spirit within. Many begin to struggle when things become tough and it doesn’t all just look ‘peachy’ anymore.

When this begins to happen, do not get discouraged but trust the Lord in the process.

His Hidden Warriors Are Out There – Don’t Dispair

He has those hidden away that truly mean business with Him. And along the journey, your ways will cross; for you to pick them up and invite them to join you and move forward together as one strong force.

I had to learn this the hard way, as I like to see the good in everyone and wherever I can. But if He had to be selective and picky, so should we. In the end, it is about His work here and not about our own.

He gives opportunities to everyone, but He expects them to pay the price and He will test their willingness. If they fail, it’s not your fault as you cannot walk out their calling for them.

Expect Them to Pay the Price

Don’t accept less just for the sake of growing faster or getting your vision out there. Sooner or later you will have to bring down your level and your standards, or your vision will be opposed from within. However, neither of it is from the Lord.

If you are called to be a leader, trust Him for the right followers. Be ready to be true to what God has given to you and to stand fully for that conviction. Letting down the standard is definitely not what Jesus did, and neither does He expect it from you.

This means also you don’t look for natural strength, abilities or possibilities to make you look good as the leader. No, you give a chance to each one to prove themselves. But if their heart is not in the right place, you move on and keep that place open for someone else.

Again, it may take longer to see the fulfillment of what God has given you. But at least you won’t fall into the traps of the enemy and just go build another house, instead of God’s house.

Not for Everyone

This might not be speaking to you if you are not called to the higher levels. And that is okay. But if it does, and you have been wondering why God has been holding you back and things have not been taking off as you have seen it with others, know that you are on the right track.

Don’t settle for second best, because God has trusted His vision into your hands so that it can be fulfilled as it is – without being changed, just to make people happy.

It gets lonely at the top and unfortunately not many are willing to go all the way. But He is faithful who has called you and He will also do it. So press on further with your zeal and eventually, you will see those with the same passion coming to you and together you will set the world on fire for the Lord.

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  • Les D Crause

    Very good. I agree wholeheartedly. We should never appoint someone just because they look good or will make us look good. Jesus prayed all night before He chose His twelve. Can we do any less?

    • Larry W. Perry

      A good reminder for me as Ive practiced this.

      • Anna S.

        Such good insight! 😇❤️😇

  • Emmanuel Veloo

    I loved reading this as being appointed a leader in a worship team, I have adopted this same approach and it is working 🙂

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