How to Know God Is in It

How do I know, if I am fulfilling my calling? How do I know, if I am where He wants me to be? How do I know, if I am walking in God’s will?

These are questions I get asked very often, since I work generally with leaders in the Body of Christ. It’s either from those that just started out in ministry or from those that are still busy trying to discover their callings. So if you are bothered by any of these questions, let me give you a short answer and some hints and pointers to how God works with us.

Keep in mind that this is just a short article on the subject and not a full teaching. I could write pages, or even a whole book on this very subject.

Anyway, by having been on this journey for a while and training others in the Fivefold, I have seen this to be nothing but the truth:

If the Lord is in it, you will know and see it!

That is a pretty general answer, but let me explain what I mean.

First of all, it is always going to be a walk in faith. The essence of faith is that you believe, see and act on something, even though it isn’t quite visible yet. But if you face struggle after struggle; nothing goes right or opens up and everything comes against you, you perhaps should stop long enough. Because something isn’t right.

On the contrary, if you just sail along without ever a hint of attack or difficulty in sight, you need to check your heart and commitment. Satan doesn’t have to keep attacking those that are already walking in his ways and plans. He doesn’t have to put a stop to those that are no challenge to him. If you are not going on for God, why should he bother attacking you and wasting his resources on you? But that’s for another blog.

If God is leading you, you will see signs along the way. He will let you know that He is there with you and is preparing you for what lies ahead. His blessing, His favor, His hand will show in one way or another.

Now you might not find this to be obvious at first. In fact, you may not experience instant results (hardly ever) or see the whole picture. And of course, there is the option that God may ask you to persevere without understanding ‘how or why’. You may even face the temptation to think it’s impossible or of no use to press on.

But here is the answer to this: if you want to walk out your calling you need to know how to walk in faith, hope and love. And the higher you go or the higher your calling; the more will be required of you in each of these areas.

Faith: to keep believing what He said to be true.

Hope: to keep trusting His path and how the Lord leads you.

Love: to keep giving out and loving others. Especially, when people turn from or against you.

You need to learn how to endure under any circumstances.

But as important as all of these are, the most essential part of knowing that God is leading you is to hear His voice above any other voice.  You need to be able to discern between God’s voice, your own desires and the voice of the enemy.

If you persevere and keep following the Lord’s footsteps, you will enter your Promised Land. That’s when you will see the doors open up before you, and experience that His doors can never be shut. Unless He decides to shut them or open another door for you instead.

But if you try to push on through with a vision that wasn’t given to you by the Holy Spirit, you will experience shut doors that will never open. You will bang against that same door again and again. You will have stress, fear and a striving force pushing you from behind, instead of peace and an inner knowing that He is in control.

It’s not just about pushing on through – but more importantly, about walking in sync with Him and where He wants you to be. If you aren’t in or where He wants you to be, you are not walking in His will.

So if you desire to rise up and fulfill your call, learn to be sensitive to His Spirit and leading. Make it your primary goal, to listen before you act and want to run ahead. Keep in mind that He leads. He doesn’t just simply accompany you in every way you want to go.

Often the Lord leads in ways you may not really desire to go. But by submitting to these paths and walking in them faithfully, you will experience an abundance of blessing (and joy and life) that comes with it.  You will experience deep satisfaction, by putting His will and Kingdom before your own desires.

So where do you stand at right now? Is God in it? Or is He standing behind you, waiting for you to come back to Him and do it His way instead of your own?

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  • Shalubala Simbeye

    This is precisely what I needed

  • Moemedi

    It is not just about pushing on through but walking in sync with Him…I need to remind myself of this statement a lot….thank you thank you Nadine I am so blessed by this article

  • Edwin

    Thanks Apostle Nadine, your article is a confirmation to what the Lord had been teaching me. I am blessed .

  • Mark Stalnaker

    Well I am certainly living this right now. Either I am really missing it and am going fail magnificently or I am really going to go far (grinning.) Thanks for reminding me not to be ahead or behind and to be always listening to Him. Thanks Nadine.

  • Melusi

    WOW What a relevant massage for me at this point, i need to “learn to be sensitive to His Spirit and leading” thanks Nadine

  • Apostle Tsebo Thaathr

    Thank you Apostle for your encouraging message.This really shows your experience in your walk with the Lord in his leading.Your message has encouraged me to see that the Lord is in it in my ministry.Thanks a lot more.

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