How to Find Your Place
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How to Find Your Place in the Body Of Christ

By Nadine Stohler

“Where did it go?” I thought.

My eyes scanned the counter around my washbasin, looking for the purple bottle. For some reason, my favorite deodorant wasn’t in its usual place and I struggled to find it. I do have other deodorants that I could have used, but I was looking for my special one. Finally, I found it on the other side of the basin.

You may think I am very analytical and can’t think outside my box. But actually, this is just me very early in the morning, stumbling through my bathroom and getting ready for the day. I try to keep things in place so that I do not waste time trying to find them in the early morning.

I was glad I found it and could start my day. However, this incident made me think and I felt the Lord talking to me through my misplaced deodorant.

You Hold a Unique Place

You see the Lord is a God of Order and He does not like chaos. He has a place for each one of us and a special purpose for each one, too. But what happens if you are not in your place?

What if He wants to use you for a special task, and He just can’t find you in your place? Does He have to use someone different for His plan?

The Lord has a special and unique place just for you. You hold a very special place in His Body and if you are not in your place,  the Body is missing a piece.

Wanting to Be Something Else

Some people always want to be something different, and they are not happy to be what the Lord has called them to be. They say,

“But I want to be a Teacher, I am not happy to be a Prophet.”

or they might think,

“Why should I do Business? I want to rise up and become an Apostle in Ministry just like everybody else!”

They run around, push themselves hard and try to do all they can in their own strength to follow and pursue that goal. However, they never really reach it or find peace, for that matter. In fact, they expose themselves to deception and the enemy can easily take them on a detour – far away from the purpose that God originally had for them.

This happens because what they are following after is their own desire. It does not line up with what the Lord has called them to be, or the place that He has designed for them in His Body.

A Gap in His Body

Do you realize that if you are not in the place that the Lord wants you to be, that there is going to be a gap in His Body?

Imagine He has this wonderful plan that He wants to accomplish. He has set up all the circumstances around it, and all that is needed now is for you to come in and do your part. So He stretches out His hand for you to be used in your place and… He can’t find you. You are not there and are not ready to be used!

You know what that means? He has to put His plan on hold, until He finds a replacement to do this job. Not only does this mean His plan is put on hold; no, it also means you lose out on an opportunity to be used by God.

Each person has a different place, and each place is important. No matter on what level you are, you are a part of His Body and you hold a unique place in the Body of Christ.

1. Perhaps the Lord has put a Business Calling on your life and has called you to be in the Secular World to do business for Him.

Are you happy to be in this place and to be used as such for His Kingdom, or do you feel left out and wander around trying to find a different place? Something that is more acceptable and not so different from everyone else.

2. Perhaps you have a husband or wife that has a passion for Business, but you think that they should be in Ministry and serve alongside you.

You believe their aspirations are just selfish, and not spiritual enough.

Did you ever consider, that your partner might be called by God to take his/her place in the Business World? The Lord might have a unique purpose for them at that place. If you push them and expect them to share your passion for your ministry, you might stand in the way of what the Lord wants to do through them.

  1. Perhaps you are called to be a Prophet for the Lord, but you are sick of the reputations that Prophets have and you want to be something different.
  2. Or you are meant to be a Teacher for the Lord, but you rather want to be used as an Evangelist. You don’t want to teach, you want to move in the External Power.
  3. Perhaps you are destined to be an Evangelist, but you desire to be a nice guy and be used as a Pastor.

The list could go on and on. The emphasis might change, but one thing that does not change is:

Are you in the place that God wants you to be, or does He have to go and look for you (or someone else) when He puts action to a plan?

Are You in YOUR Place and Ready to be Used

I believe 2012 will be a year where we are going to take the Promised Land of the Lord. It is going to be a year of Power and we will see the Church rise up out of obscurity.

I believe every Nation is going to come to a new level, and the Power of God and the Power of His Word will manifest itself in a stronger Move than ever before.

But this will only happen if you as His servant and warrior are in the place that He has called you to be. If you are in that place;

  1. You will experience the anointing of God and His Power will come down on you in a greater measure.
  2. You will see doors being opened for you and opportunities coming your way.

 Do it With All Your Heart and Might

Your quest is to take your place and to be whatever He wants you to be and do, with all your might and your heart.

Every place in the Body of Christ comes with its own vision. All visions put together will make it one big Move of God and will move the Church to a new Level. It is time to birth those visions of God now and use what He has given to you.

Go take your place and use the authority that God has given you. Together we will take the Promised Land, and together we will see His Glory manifest on this earth.


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